How to Get Admission in Karachi Grammar School

Karachi Grammar School is the center of excellence and very old institution. It is an English medium school present in Karachi.  Karachi Grammar School is famous as KGS. And it is considered a highly selective, independent, elite, and coeducational English medium school in Karachi. The school is divided between the Kindergarten section, junior section, middle section, and college section, with only the start of each section being open for admissions. Test and Interview is also conducted for admission in Karachi grammar school.

Here I would like o give you information about admission procedure for A levels in Karachi Grammar School. The college section of Karachi grammar school comprises O and A levels divided into four year groups (Class X to the Second A-Level Class). The O-level provides a balanced curriculum of six compulsory and four optional subjects preparing students for the Cambridge International Examinations. You can get admission in advance level in Karachi grammar school and make your way through top universities of Pakistan.

How to Get Admission in Karachi Grammar School


Here it is prior to tell you the procedure to get admission in Karachi grammar school. The admission procedure from Kindergarten to college is the same as described below.

Admission Procedure for College Admissions in Karachi Grammar School:

Karachi grammar School allows students born on the date of birth mentioned below. (These admission dates are particularly for students who want to get admission in college section of KGS). If your child date of birth lies in these dates then you can certainly apply for admission in this school. But be careful that you must have any relative which was the part of this institution before, because admission may be granted on kinship basis. Rest of the admission procedure is same as any other school. First you have to pass interview and written test and then you can get admission in KGS.


Children born in the following months only will be considered:


This is strictly enforced.  Fake papers submitted will lead to disqualification. This year the students born in the following years and months can get admission in Karachi grammar school.

Registration and Interview Schedule:

After that student will be given their appointments slips after that successful interview will bring about their registration.


(a)         Original birth certificate

(b)         Photocopy of birth certificate

(c)         Recent passport-size photograph of the child (2 copies)


The test will be held in the morning.  The Subjects tested will be English, Mathematics, Urdu and General Science.

Karachi Grammar School Fee (Monthly Fee): The admission dues per month of Karachi Grammar Schools are comparatively similar to other good educational schools of Karachi. You can be a part of this institution at affordable money because it is one of the top Schools of Karachi with high standards of education.

O level and A level Subjects options for students:

Subjects available at O-level are English Language, English Literature, Urdu, French, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Accounts, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History, Pakistan Studies, Economics, Sociology, Islamiat, Bible Knowledge, Computer Studies and Art.

At AS/A-level they offer Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Accounting, English Literature, Urdu, Economics, Business Management, Sociology, History, Geography, Psychology, Computer Studies and Art.  In addition, all students are prepared for the CIE General Paper to develop their English language and thinking skills.

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