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How to do Preparation for NTS Test

National Testing Service is HEC recognized organization that commence tests that are mainly an alternative for entry tests for different universities e.g. Fatima Jinnah university. A student can take the relevant test for more than one time a year until he is satisfied by his/her result. The validity of the test is 1 year precisely and after that it is supposed to be attempt again if it is required.


The most critical, important and turning point of a student’s life is when he completes his/her FSc. or in other case A-levels and time approaches to prepare for entry test or NTS test. We observe that students spend thousands and thousands on preparing these tests just because they think of the test as an earthquake they are about to face and fumes are arising but in reality honestly speaking 95% of students coming out of those expensive and time consuming institutions are ‘blank’.

How to do Preparation for NTS Test

How to do Preparation for NTS Test

The most important thing we really need to understand is that these tests are just arranged to judge our aptitude and IQ level and sadly these are the things that cannot be instilled in any student by making them remember textbooks or the books that are present in markets or sometimes provided by the institutions they attend.


To prepare the NTS test first of all what we need to understand is the pattern of the NTS test.

  • Ø This test is arranged such that multiple choice questions (MCQ’S) are given.
  • Ø People applying for undergraduate studies are supposed to attempt 90 questions in 120 minutes while students applying for graduate studies are to attempt 100 questions in 120 minutes.
  • NTS test is comprised of 4 portions in which we see following portions
    • Verbal
    • Analytical
    • Quantitative analysis
    • Subject


            This portion of test consists of 20 questions of 20 marks. You are asked related to:

  • Sentence completion, in this you are required to select the most appropriate word that completes the sentence.
  • Analogy, in this you should find the relation between the pair of words and find out the most appropriate one to select.
  • Antonym, here find the opposite of the word provided and select it.
  • Comprehension, the very interesting but yet tricky for people who don’t have reading habit. In this portion read the passage very carefully and answer the questions below regarding the passage.
  • Synonym, unlike antonyms you are supposed to select the meaning of the word given. In easy words you can say it is an exercise of words and their meanings. So, improve your vocabulary.


Just like verbal portion analytical portion is also of 20 marks and comprises of 20 questions. This portion is specially designed for judging student’s IQ level. And it doesn’t require any training or so but only being logical can help you get through it.


            The most easy part of paper but can possibly get difficult if you haven’t recalled the basic mathematics that you studied in junior classes like multiplication, division, taking square root, ratio and proportions etc. you are given 20 marks portion of this having 20 questions as previous portions.

Very basic things are included in it but all you have to do is jog up your memory and one very important thing that never start doing lengthy calculations because these questions normally do not require it. You can prepare this portion by teaching mathematics to your younger siblings. This will help you recall all the information stored in some part of your brain.


            Subjects that are to be prepared by students vary discipline to discipline.

  • Pre-Engineering: Students are supposed to prepare physics, chemistry/computer sciences and Mathematics
  • Pre-Medical: You are supposed to prepare physics, chemistry and biology
  • Education in arts group: students of this discipline are required to prepare islamiyat, pak-studies, general knowledge, and current affairs.
  • Art and social science group: they are expected to prepare islamiyat , pak-studies, general knowledge and current affairs.
  • Biological sciences group: you should go prepared botany and zoology.
  • Management sciences group; you should be ready to face islamiyat, Pak-studies, general business environment, Pakistan economy, management (basic), banking.
  • Physical sciences group: you people should be ready for mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves and oscillation, modern physics and electronics, heat and thermodynamics.
  • Oriental and Islamic studies group: and you people should get ready for Islamic history, comparison of religions, sources of Islamic religion/ Quran and Hadith.

NTS prepares very simple and easy test and it can be art of the left hand if and only if you are prepared well-enough. And mostly students fail to get through the test because they have crammed their books or text books.

Here I will like to share with you the most important things to prepare test. And if you follow it I can assure you of 100% results.

  • Grab the books from matric level to FSc. level
  • Wait! Don’t start cramming the books or memorizing paragraphs because of the test MCQ’s pattern this technique won’t be helpful even a bit.
  • What so ever you are reading from the books try to understand it and make it part of yourself.
  • Jog up your mind and try to recall all that you have studied since you started going to school because as mentioned pattern you will come to know that it consists of very simple questions.
  •  The definitions given at the end of the books are very important. But hold on; don’t even think of learning them like a lesson. Go through them and understand them and get the concept they are providing. Reason is that you will be provided with the statement that may or may not be exact same as of your text book for which you have to choose just and only just one answer.
  • Last but the very important thing believe in yourself and prepare it with passion including take your self-test by buying any one of the NTS test preparation book so that when you enter your center you don’t feel unfamiliar to the pattern. Make this precious time worthwhile. Do your best and leave rest on Allah Almighty.

Studysols will always keep you updated regarding NTS schedule and will always be helping you do your best in education. Good luck preparing for your test.

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