How to Become High Court Judge in Pakistan

For the candidates who are looking for the job of Judge in Pakistan, you can get the necessary information from here. In this way, we are providing How to Become High Court Judge in Pakistan Qualification Required for this post and other necessary things. So, according to the advertisement for the government jobs, we can give the reference about the jobs specification. In this way, you will come to know about the position scale in the high court. In fact, there is the post of civil judges to perform the role of the judge in this post at the government level. On the other hand, there is also a post of the government-level post where candidates can get job opportunities.

Qualification Requirements:

According to the governmental requirements for this position of High Court Judge Candidates must have these qualifications.

  • Degree in Law from any university that is recognizing by the HEC
  • Can be a member of Faculty Advocates of Scotland
  • Equivalent education from the foreign country
  • Minimum two years experience in this profession

How to Become High Court Judge in Pakistan Qualification Required

The candidates who have experience in the field of Law can easily become Judges in the High court. In fact, some of the lawyers are becoming civil judges as well as high court judges. So, there is a chance for the candidates who have the degree of the Law can become Judges. In his way, you need to get the qualification of the Law before the application. However, there are many colleges and a university that offers to get the degree of law for five years. In fact, they also provide opportunities to get experience in the practice of law.

Lastly, the civil judges also have a scale of 17 in the scaling system. So, they can get a salary that is equal to the scale of 17 in this post. However, you can estimate the amount of this scale according to the char of the salary scale. It will help you to figure out the salary for this position according to the scale of 17. On the other hand, before you apply for this post you should check the experience of your services for this position. In the end, if you want to know more about this position, feel free to ask any questions in the comment box. You will find the solution according to your question.

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