How to Become a Police Officer in Pakistan

Here every one get information about How to Become a Police Officer in Pakistan Online Apply. Police maintains law and order in every part of the country. Police officers protect the lives and property of citizens. There are different police departments like crime investigation department, traffic control police and other departments. You can choose the department of your own choice. Police department needs talented and powerful individuals of a country to become a part of police force. You should decide to become a police officer at a young age so that you can put all efforts towards your aim. If you want to become a police officer it is necessary that you should have enough education. A Bachelor degree is required if you want to join police department as an officer.

If an individual wants to join police force then he should be fit physically and mentally. You will require doing lots of training. As a police officer you should have the right decision making skills in the right time so that you can manage every difficult situation.

In order to join Police force as an officer you have to appear in civil services examination. The civil service exam is called as central superior service exam CSS, which is conducted once a year and the lucky ones who pass the exams can join the police a services as an officer of 17 grades or above.

How to become a Police Officer in Pakistan

Salary of Punjab Police

Besides joining police services through CSS exam there is another way that jobs are advertised in the police department and newspapers frequently. Then you have to appear in test after that police training is done in the police academy. After completing the police training a candidate is eligible to become a police constable. Being a constable should not be your goal but you have to struggle hard to become a police officer. In order to do that, you have to follow direct way of joining police by civil services.

How to become a Police Officer in Pakistan as Career

In simple way I will tell you that how you can join police service and become a police officer. You can join the police by going through different process that include physical tests, written tests, medical examination and finally interview. Recruitment in Police Department Punjab takes place on three levels:

  • An ASP (BS 17) is recruited by the Federal Public Service Commission.
  • An ASI (BS 09) is recruited by the Provincial Public Service Commission.
  • A constable (BS 05) is recruited by the Special Board headed by a Deputy Inspector General of Police as Chairman, along with two Superintendents of Police.

Career in the police department is very challenging one because you can experience the challenges of life with good salary. Government of Pakistan has also increased the salaries of police officers due to their work. Police is playing a crucial role in eradicating terrorism in the country. So you should join this career because jobs opportunities are there for the talented ones.

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