How to become a Lecturer in Pakistan?

All viewers now read from this page How to become a Lecturer in Pakistan? Teaching is considered as the most respectable profession in every part of the world. As Aristotle said “Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.” Teachers are the real guides of a student. Therefore every teacher wants to be successful and inspirational for students. A good teacher develops excellent communication with his students. A teacher who is polite and soft-spoken becomes the favorite teacher of the students.

Becoming a lecturer needs proper hard work and knowledge of the subject. If you want to become a teacher then you should choose that subject which is your favorite subject. You should have good command over that subject. If you are passionate about your subject then you can grasp the attention of the students and make them passionate about the course. If you want to do teaching at the college level then it is necessary that you have a university degree or be at least a college graduate. However, if you want to do teaching at the university level then you should at least have a MS degree or PhD Degree. University-level professors should have higher qualifications for teaching.

How to Become a Lecturer in Pakistan?

Once you get a Master’s or MS degree then it is important that you should gain experience of lectureship. By gaining experience in teaching you will learn how to teach perfectly, how to communicate with students in a better way, and how to input your thoughts into students’ minds. Teachers’ training is also an important part of the teaching experience. In Pakistan, you must B.Ed and M.Ed degree if you want a government job. Sometimes a university sends its lecturer abroad to gain a higher qualification. Abroad teachers are given proper training and weekly workshops are conducted for them.

become a lecturer in government colleges

There are many job opportunities for teachers in every part of our country and also in abroad countries. You can always start your job at a private school or college and enhance your expertise. Every year Punjab Public Service Commission announces vacancies and appoints thousands of teachers in government institutions. For that, you have to clear the PCS examination and then after some training, you can get a good job. Every province has its own way of appointing teachers at the government level.

However, if you are unable to get a government-level job then you can also establish your own coaching center and teach in private colleges. Hence teachers also have an opportunity to self-employ themselves and teach tuition in centers. Teachers can earn a handsome salary. Teachers are well paid in Pakistan Depending upon whether teachers are teaching at the university level or school level their payment would vary. In Pakistan lecturers have a bright future, if you are talented and qualified then you should become a lecturer.

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