How Technology Bring a Change in Education

Technology, widespread all around us and we all know how much impossible it is for all of us to live without it now. Every individual from a 4 year old kid to old people; everyone is chained by technology. In this situation how can we ignore importance of technology in field of education!

Every form of technology from cell-phones to PC’s and even voice recorders can be helpful when it comes to education. It is a human mind; if you frame it to take advantage from technology it will help you do it but yes if you make it a curse for yourself it is a different genre to debate on.

I tell you different technologies helping in our education and classrooms; will discuss their bad outcomes too.

  • Internet:

The most commonly used technology especially in student’s life. A student may use it for his excellence or destruction. Students who use it for research reasons and learning they are far better than people who use it just for waste of time. Many sites on internet such as Wikipedia are helping students in knowledge purposes while social networking services make students waste their precious time.

How technology bring a change in education/Use of technology in class room

How Technology Bring a Change in Education/Use of Technology in Class Room

Internet is a sea of knowledge where deadly sharks are also present and the main aim for a student or any person should be to collect the pearls of knowledge rather than presenting themselves as a feast of death enduring creatures.

  • Cell-phones:

The most complained technology of all-times “cell-phones”. People are so used to notice the half empty side of glass that they forget the wonders of this invention. Here, I tell you how it is a very useful instead of just making calls and unstoppable texting. In cell-phones tons of features are installed these days for example document readers; in this feature a student of university level can save his files and documents which can be with him on the go and students who cannot afford the high priced e-book readers or i-pads or so on for them this feature is a heaven on Earth.

But yes, students who are too busy not studying for them this invention can be curse and not only for them but while they are in classrooms, whole class suffers from it. The ear blasting ringtones, non-stop text tones also breaks teaching tempo of teacher. Thus it should be discouraged and students themselves too take care that they should not exploit the technology.

  • Multi-media projectors:

Here is another most seen technology that is improving education process a lot. Multi-media projectors are used in each classroom at university level. This not only digitalis our education but also it saves time of teacher and students in writing and dictation of notes. By use of multi-media projectors most important thing that happens is that students are saved from hassle of understanding rough writing of teachers.

On the other hand we have some super-cool people, or they think they are who use multi-media to watch movies on large screen. Thus it all comes back to the human mind that what they have wired it for, benefits in education or just made technology there fun kit.

  • Television:

The major problem of our female students is television; they never use it for constructive purposes. You will never find them watching any informative channel but yes drama serials are on their top list to watch on switching on television.

Now-a-days television has become just a source of entertainment, despite the fact that it have number of channels teeming with information and knowledge but students are attracted towards the world of glitz and glam and boys are mostly watching sports channel. A student should watch television for entertainment purposes but yes informative channels should also be watched because it keeps you intact with world’s progress and new technology and may also help solve many questions in your mind.

Hence, technology should not be used just to entertain yourself but also for the education purposes. Because whoever invented that item had something positive in his mind but every person have liberty of themselves.

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I'm an Educational writer with a B.Ed degree having a passion for educating, and delivering my knowledge for the sake of students' growth.

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