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How Make Nano SIM for Apple Iphone 5

Now a day’s Apple lunch a new product of iphone 5 Smartphone. There are currently 31 countries has been announced officially but the right sized SIM is not available in several nations. iphone 5 works on a special Nano SIM which cannot be adapted from a regular SIM. The crazy lovers of the Smartphone have find out a way to change their normal SIM card to nano SIM. The mobile virtual network operator GiffGaff has recommended that customers with iphone 5s cut their SIM cards down to nano SIM size using scissors.

nano-SIM for Apple iPhone 5

GiffGaff commerce chief kim Faura said in a statement. “Cutting too close could damage your SIM, or make is smaller than it needs to be so it won’t make good contact in the people. It’s better to have a snug fit than a loose one”.  A clipped SIM or micro-SIM can work in the iPhone 5. This has been a much-debated question, as proper nano-SIMs is 12 percent thinner than their predecessors. The iPhone 5 doesn’t seem to care about this restriction a full-thickness SIM will fit in just fine without any sanding, the operator’s blog post read.

Ufone launched nano SIM in Pakistan. The specification of the Nano SIM is quite different. Not only is it smaller, it’s 12 percent thinner from 0.76 mm to 0.67 mm. iPhone lovers in Pakistan are already anticipating the arrival of the new product from Apple and Ufone is determined to cater to every need of its valued customers. The Apple says the phone will be available in more than 100 countries by the end of 2012.


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