How i am Going To Spend My summer Vacation Essay

Here you can find the How I am Going To Spend My summer Vacation Essay. I had fantastic summer vacation ideas! My family and I spent a lot of time with each other. I have so much fun in my summer vacation with my family and friends.  how I spent my summer vacation essay for class 3, 5, 10, 11th, and 2 class students. It is sunny, without rain. The weather is warm and sometimes hot and usually, people are more smiling. I spend my summer vacation very well. My friends wasted our time on the street, in the café and it was funny and emotional. I also traveled to the sea and took short but wonderful holidays.   I spend a lot of time with my friends, some of them live not in my hometown during the year and it is my pleasure to see them again.

At the beginning of the summer, I went to the beach with my kids at least once a week. We were so lucky because every time we were at the beach I saw the dolphins splashing playfully in the surf. We would usually arrive around 12:00 when the sand was as so hot as coals in a barbecue. Sometimes we would stay until 07:00 in the evening. At the end of the day loved to watch the flaming red ball creep slowly down into the shimmering ocean. Going to the beach is my favorite thing to do in the summer.

How To Spend My summer Vacation


Towards the middle of my summer vacation, my whole family and I flew to my relatives. As my vacation was coming to an end, we made a trip hunting on the beach.  Even though my summer was loaded with activity, it still seemed like a long break. After spending so much time at the beach, traveling, I needed a vacation! if you have any suggestions about  Here you can find the How I am Going To Spend My summer Vacation used below comment session.

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