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How Girls Secure their Mobile Numbers Online

In our country there are many websites and forums providing girls mobile numbers online. It has become a common practice among the youth of our country. Especially the young boys of Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan spend all the day searching for girl’s mobile number. We all know that mobile phone has become an important part in our life but mostly it is wrongly used by girls and boys. In this topic I would like to pay attention that how do the mobile numbers of girls leak, why our young generation is so much addicted to mobile phones and in the end I will tell all the girls many ways to secure their mobile numbers online.

How Girls Secure their Mobile Numbers Online

How Girls Secure their Mobile Numbers Online

Mobile phones and the girls: This age is called the age of technology and mobile phone is one of the gifts of this modern age which has become an important part of everyone’s life. Even some people feel themselves incomplete without mobile phones because they are totally addicted to the small rectangular box called mobile phones. Like other people Pakistani girls are also getting too much interest in mobile phones thus they enforce their parents to buy a new mobile for them. In cities and urban areas, almost every girl has her own mobile phone while girls of villages and small towns either have their own mobile or at least have access to a mobile phone of one of their family member. Once they have their personal mobiles then they become addicted to it. But it is also very important to remember that mobiles may be hazardous for teenagers’ especially young girls. We should limit youth’s access to the mobile phone and should not let them have their personal mobile phone unless they have any solid reason for it or until they become enough mature. It is noticed that when young girls get their personal mobiles they easily accept the friendship of boys and start texting and calling and conceal all these activities from their parents which has bad results in the end.How Girls Secure their Cell Numbers Online

How Girls Secure their Mobile Numbers Online? First of all I advise all the parents to keep an eye on the activities of your children. Don’t give them permission to have their own mobiles unless they become mature. If they insist too much to make contact with their friends then the parents should give them permission to use their own (mother’s or father’s) mobiles for sometimes. Parents should give mobiles to their daughter only for security reasons so that in case of emergency a girl can call her parents. It is necessary to have a close check on activities of your children and siblings on mobile phone.

Girls who are studying they should not trust any stranger friend and should not reveal their personal number to her. Because it may also happen that your close friend is leaking your number with your complete data so always be careful. Do not attend any unknown call because sometimes boys dial unknown numbers to know whether it is girl or boy. Usually it happens that when you go to load balance from an easy load shop, the next day you get wrong calls. Have you ever noticed why this happens, it happens because the number is leaked from the easy load shop. So get balance from a secure way. Girls should not reveal their numbers on social sites like Face book and Twitter. Some of the websites ask his users to put his mobile phone number but user is mostly unaware that how to use this number make private. No Pakistani girl will allow her number to be listed on internet. Girls should know that there are many hazards of mobile friendship because in this way they lose the trust of their parents. So it is necessary that girls should not reveal their numbers in any circumstances.

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