How Do you Celebrate independence Day in Pakistan

All the Pakistani nationals Pakistan Independence day is celebrating on that day 14th August every year. Here we are going to tells you How Do you Celebrate independence Day in Pakistan. Pakistan came into existence on 14th Aug 1947 with the great effort of Pakistani founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah as a result of the Pakistan movement that movement was organized by the All-India Muslim League under the great supervision of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The British parliament was facilitated after passing the Indian Independence Act of 1947. According to the Islamic Calendar, the day of Independence coincided with Ramadan 27, the eve of which that Laylatal-Qadr, is regarded as sacred by Muslims.

Pakistani Flag green and white color combination have been derived by the national union leaders. The entire Pakistani nation is celebrating Independence Day in Pakistan after showing great performance for Quami Tarana in the schools, colleges, and universities by the students.

How Do you Celebrate independence Day in Pakistan

As you know that the independence day of Pakistan is only around the corner of Pakistan where thousands of people mostly passions are enjoying that day in which millions of peoples ware to feel freedom separation by the Pakistan and India, while most of us only keep wondering what to do on Independence Day. Anyone can not deny that great moment of Pakistan Independence Day importance because a great strength of people has been got freedom by the British rule. After established Pakistan on 14th August 1947 by the great leadership Muhammad Ali Jinnah and its basic aim is to promote patriotism and national unity.

Celebrate independence Day in Pakistan

Many of the public places such as Wagah Border or Ganda Singh Border and thousands of peoples along with families which where they are going to that places for enjoying that moment of Independence day for both parties Pakistan and India flag-raising ceremonies, parades, cultural events. In the Parliament buildings and also President Place national flag is hoisted on 14th August every year. Please keep staying here online for further information on the article on this page.

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