How Can We Improve Our Education System in Pakistan

Education is one of the most important things that helps to change the destiny of any country in the world. Being a Muslim it is our religious obligation to get an education and provide education to those who have not the direct source of education. Now a day education has become the biggest problem in the country. Here you will come to know about the How Can We Improve Our Education System in Pakistan from this site. Most students fail to get an education due to the negligence of our government as well as the illiterate parents. With education, one can do anything as he can go on the moon or go to the bottoms of seas and fly in the air.

The world is on its way to development but many underdeveloped countries like Pakistan are still at the end of the race of development. There are many reasons and the biggest reason is that we don’t solve our major problems like education. If we only improve our education system then we can contribute to the development of our beloved country. It cannot change single-handedly but can change with the joined efforts of the nation and government.

Education System in Pakistan

All of us know that it’s our government’s duty to provide the best and free education to every single child of Pakistan. However, due to a lack of good governance, children are not getting their rights. There is a large number of public schools are present all across the country. But most schools are closed and those schools which are open for the students have a lack of educated teachers. Most teachers have only passed their primary exams and they are serving as public teachers. We need to change this education system entirely if we want to improve our educational system. Only the government cannot change the education system until we help our beloved government to improve the system.

How Can We Improve Our Education System in Pakistan

Essay on How Can We Improve Our Education System in Pakistan

First of all, the government has to spend a fair part of our GDP on the education system. After this government should select teachers on a merit basis. Once the teachers have recruited then the government should have to arrange some teams. Which will check the performance of these teachers on a regular basis. The government should also set rules for teachers and the general public regarding the educational system. Which should strictly be followed by both teachers and the general public.

Education System

We should also help our beloved government in the mission of improving the educational system in Pakistan. First of all, we have to say no to private schools because they not only charge heavy dues but also do not provide good education. On the other hand, the government should offer fair wages to the public sector teachers so that they will not teach in the private sector.

Moreover, the syllabus should be on an international basis so that the students can meet the requirements of the latest century. It is also mandatory for the government to mix the national educational system. In fact, with the international educational system or the British educational system. Once the educational system is set, our country will progress and will stand on the list of top countries in the world.

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