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How and Why Study In UK

If you are looking for How and Why Study In UK then here right page. The UK is bursting with energy and has a fascinating heritage ready to explore. As an international student you’ll fit straight into the UK’s multicultural society, ready to enjoy a student life full of excitement, fun and creativity. Some institutions use the UK Postgraduate Application and Statistical Service (UK PASS) scheme. UK PASS allows you to apply for up to ten postgraduate programs, track progress and receive and reply to offers. You can apply online through the Universities and Colleges Admissions System (UCAS).

Most UK institutions offer an online postgraduate application system that can be accessed through the institution’s own website. There is no restriction on the number of different courses you can apply for. But you should submit your application well in advance of the course starting date. This might be as early as the October of the previous year. And although there may not be a formal deadline for applications, the earlier you apply the better. Courses start to become full during May, so an application before the end of April is encouraged. You can see which institutions are parts of the scheme and find out more at the (UK PASS) website.

How and Why Study In UK

If a UK institution is not part of the UK PASS scheme, you may need to apply directly to them. There is no restriction on the number of different courses you can apply for. But you should prepare your application well in advance of the course starting date. This might be as early as the October of the previous year, and shouldn’t be any later than the April before the course starts.

Applying For A UK English Language Course

To apply for an English language course in the UK, you should contact the UK institution directly for an application form. Before submitting your application, you should think about:

  • The number of teaching hours each week
  • Course dates (some English language courses can be started at any time of the year; others have precise start dates)
  • Class size
  • Course fees (what is included and what extra costs there might be)
  • The type of accommodation offered and any associated costs
  • Whether you can gain a qualification if you want to.

You can expect to receive a reply within two weeks of sending your application. If you are offered a place, you will receive a letter of acceptance that will confirm your accommodation requirements and a request for a deposit. Once the schools have received your deposit they will send you a letter confirming your place – this letter can be used to support your visa application.

Applying To A UK Independent School 

Some UK independent schools have formal application procedures and prefer pupils to apply up to a year before they wish to start. Other schools are more informal and welcome applications at any time.

Schools usually prefer new pupils to start at the beginning of the academic year in September, although most will agree to admit pupils at the start of a new term in either January or April.

You can apply directly to the school or through the Independent Schools Council International office (ISC International). ISC International offers placement, consultancy and advisory services to families overseas who are seeking to place a child or children in a UK independent boarding school.

Applying For Career-Based and Pre-University Study

For Higher National Diplomas (HNDs), you can apply online through the course finder or through UCAS. If you want to apply for any other career-based or pre-university program you should apply directly to the UK institution that offers the course.

There is no standard closing date for applications to career-based courses in the UK. However, you should leave enough time to apply for a visa, make travel arrangements and find accommodation.


Prime minister of UK Mr. Tony Blair says:

In a world of life-long learning, British education is a first-class ticket for life.


British qualifications are recognized and respected around the world. The UK enjoys a reputation for unsurpassed quality throughout the world. It encourages skills that are relevant, marketable and much sought-after by today’s top companies which mean students can look forward to better career prospects and higher potential earnings.


British degree courses tend to be shorter than those in other countries, which saves you money. For example, most UK undergraduate degrees take only three years, and most postgraduate Master’s courses can be completed in just one year instead of two. The quality is the same as for longer degrees; the studies are just more intensive, and thus more efficient. This is a highly cost-effective approach: because you complete the course more quickly, you save on both tuition and living costs. Their shorter study period also means you are able to enter employment earlier, so you can start earning money sooner.


The perception that quality and standards are dropping is not true. Most qualifications offered in the UK are subject to strict quality standards overseen by government-appointed agencies.

The UK leads the world in developing quality standards and performance measures. In fact, the country is so committed to quality that the results of several of these assessments are publicly available for you to consult if you wish.


UK’s past achievements are ensuring our present scientific and artistic successes. Ambitious achievers who are seeking a superior education choose the UK because British education is constantly changing while retaining the best of its prestigious 800-year heritage.

UK education offers the best from traditions of the past in combination with an up-to-date approach to the latest developments in new fields of study.


The enormous cultural and regional diversity demonstrates that the UK really has more to offer in terms of education, lifestyle and experience choices to help you be the best you can be. Diversity within the education system offers students choices in location, cost, environment and study methods and styles.


The UK has been welcoming international students for generations, and there are many systems in place to help you make the transition. The perception that British people are as cold as their climate is totally wrong. Applying to a British educational institution is easy. Once you arrive in the UK, you will find a network of support services to smooth the way, such as counseling, academic support, social facilities, guaranteed accommodation for the first year, and specialist advisers.

These services will help you settle in and get the most from your educational experience. By choosing the UK, you will be joining the thousands of other international students who come here each year. You will leave with excellent educational qualifications and the experience to carry with you throughout your life. For any query about How and Why Study In UK use in below comment session.

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