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History Of Terrorism In Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the biggest countries in the world which is rising day by day in the world but there are some hurdles in its ways. One of the biggest hurdles which stop our beloved country from success is Terrorism. Terrorism is one of the biggest destructive Phenomena in Pakistan for the last few years. A big part of our nation or you can say the whole nation is being disturbed by the terrorist. Here you will come to know about the History Of Terrorism In Pakistan, which is listed below on this site. The history of Terrorism in Pakistan is very old.

It has become the biggest problem of the 21st century all across the world including the Islamic republican of Pakistan. Terrorism started in late 1958 in Pakistan when the political condition of Pakistan was changed due to dictatorship. This was the first time when many landlords stand up to show their power to local peoples. After this, the Pakistani nation faced many ups and downs in their country due to terrorism.

History Of Terrorism In Pakistan

Terrorism increased with the start of the 21st century in Pakistan when General Pervez Musharraf held elections and won the local election. In the reign of Musharraf, he killed the Akbar Bugdi in Lal Masjid. This was the time when the local Molvees started brainwashing the innocent people to train them as terrorists.

History Of Terrorism In Pakistan 2017 Short Essay

These terrorists who are disturbing our beloved country is originated from the Soviet-Afghan War. In this war, there were two groups Mujahedeen and Soviet Army. There was a large number of Mujahedeen who migrated to the northern areas of Pakistan and settled down in the mountains. These Mujahedeen divided themselves into many groups and started making their communities.

Most of them started getting funds from India and other countries while the others used to kill native people to get money. There are many major groups of Terrorists in Pakistan like Taliban, Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jundallah, and many others. The history of Terrorism is very old in Pakistan. There are many reasons behind this but one of the biggest reasons is the conflict between the political and Islamic parties of Pakistan. If we want to take our on terrorism then we should have to remove our personal conflicts and stand with each other. Moreover, it is our moral duty to avoid such activities and inform the police if we see such activities in our surroundings.

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