Health Problems in Pakistan and Their Solutions

Health problems have become a major issue all across the world especially in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan. Here you will come to know about the Health Problems in Pakistan 2021 And Their Solutions from this site. There are many reasons behind this problem but when we talk about their solutions then sorry to say our politicians have no policy about the solution of health problems in Pakistan. It is the negligence of our government that they have not made any health policy like other developed countries. It is a very shameful act of the government that they only spend only 0.9pc of its GDP on health and health services which is very low.

Health issues in Pakistan with their solutions. Many harmful diseases in Pakistan are rising day by day and there is no way to stop or reduce these diseases from the country. First of all, in Pakistan, the infant mortality rate is 66 per thousand births which is really high than in other countries. After this, the average age in Pakistan is forty-five years which is very small as compared to other developed countries like Japan the average age is more than eighty years. There are also many other main problems like Polio and Dengue are spreading day by day and a large number of people die due to these dangerous diseases. Polio and Dengue are not the only problems in the country but many other diseases have become the reason behind the health.

Health Problems in Pakistan and Their Solutions

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Health problems have been rising day by day for the last few decades in Pakistan due to government negligence as well as due to the use of fertilizers etc. The world is progressing day by day and due to good impacts, there are also some bad impacts too behind this progress.


If we talk about the solutions to these health problems in Pakistan then first of all government should have to increase the per capita amount from GDP for health. After this, we should also have to do efforts for solutions too. It is our responsibility to avoid anti-health foods. It is generally said that the precautions are better than cure. If you want to know about the health problems in Pakistan and their solution for the current year 2021 then you are in right place. If you have any questions in your mind then you have to ask us. For more information please stay tuned with us.

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