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Habib Public School Admission 2023

The students who want to get admission to Habib Public School Admissions are open for them. In this way, the Habib Public School Admission 2023 Fee Structure and other information are available here. So, the parents who want to admit their children to this school can get help from here. Here they will know about the school’s history and its features as well as its branches in Pakistan. So, after getting this fruitful information you will be able to know that why people want to get admission to this school. However, the fee structure for admission is also provided here for the parents. In this way, the fee structure is available for different classes in this post.

Basically, the Habib Public School was founded in the century of 1959 having four blocks in the particular Building. However, the Main Building of this school is in Karachi to deliver education. However, there are actually four buildings and the first school administrator was Yusuf Qasim. In this way, he was supervising the school admissions as well as the regulation of the staff. However, in the beginning, stage of this school there were only three students who get admission firstly this school. But with the passage of time, the strength of the students reaches in high stage. Nowadays, Habib Public Schools is one of the best schools in all of Karachi to deliver education services.

Habib Public School Admission 2023 Fee Structure

Habib Public School Admission

The education of Habibschool is having three major branches in Karachi that are providing educational services in all of Karachi. In this way, the number of students in this school is around about 5000 thousand as well as 500 teachers in this school. In fact, this total number of teachers and students is coming from all three schools of Habib. However, the second school of this branch is Habib Girl’s school and the third one is Ghulaman E Abbas School in Karachi. In this way, they all are having the same concept to deliver the qualification for the students.

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Now come to the point of fee structure, the admission fee in this school is generally 30K rupees. However, in the Cambridge department for classes one to five the tuition fee is five thousand. However, the secondary classes like nine tenth class fee are around about four thousand rupees. In this way, the students can get admission online from the official website of this school. In this way, additional information about the fee structure is also available on the Website of Habib School. However, the fee structure can be changed due to the condition and situation of Pakistan’s current affairs. In this way, you can find the exact information for the main office of this school. Lastly, if you have any queries regarding the fee structure of Habib Public School feel free to ask us.

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