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Graduate and Doctoral Scholarships From China 2023

Here we will be provided Graduate and Doctoral Scholarships From China Application. Graduate & Doctoral Scholarships From China 2023 application process detail with application form registration online information check here. Study scholarships for China in 2023 available now as Dalian Maritime is currently working on promoting cooperation and understanding between China and other countries. Our University is educating top level international students and enhancing research in china. According to the means 211 universities Entrusted by the ministry of Education China.

As we know DMC is welcoming application from prospective students interested in full time graduate students master degree holders, PhD degree holders and doctoral degree holders under the rules 2023 Chinese government scholarship program. Facilities and field of Study Dalian Maritime University (DMC) are also mention above here.

Scholarships available for these courses:

Graduate and Doctoral Scholarships From China 2023

  • Navigation
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Information Science
  • Transportation and Management
  • Environmental Science
  • Law
  • Public Management
  • Humanities
  • Marxism
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

5th, 8th class Position Holders 2018 PEC All Punjab Boards Announced

Last Date for apply and registration online China Study Scholarships is 30th March 2023.

Faculty No. Major Duration of Study(academic year)
Navigation College 1. Traffic Information Engineering and Control 2.5
2. Navigation Science and Technology 2.5
3. Marine Traffic Engineering 2.5
Marine Engineering College 4. Marine Engineering 2.5
5. Power Machine and Engineering 2.5
6. Power System and Its Automation 2.5
7. Power Electronics and Power Drives 2.5
Information Science andTechnology College 8. Electronic Science and Technology 2.5
9. Information and Communication Engineering 2.5
10. Control Science and Engineering 2.5
11. Computer Science and Technology 2.5
12. Software Engineering 2.5
Transportation and Management College 13. Industrial Economics 2
14. International Trade 2
15. Transportation Planning and Management 2.5
16. Logistics Engineering and Management 2.5
17. Management Science and Engineering 2.5
18. Business Administration 2
School of Law 19. Law 2
Environmental Science and Engineering College 20. Marine Chemistry 2.5
21. Biophysics 2.5
22. Environmental Science and Engineering 2.5
Transportation Equipment’s and Ocean Engineering College 23. Engineering Mechanics 2.5
24. Mechanical Engineering 2.5
25. Material Science and Engineering 2.5
26. Civil Engineering 2.5
27. Highway and Railway Engineering 2.5
28. Vehicle Operation Engineering 2.5
29. Design and Construction of NavalArchitecture and Ocean Structure 2.5
30. Rescue and Salvage Engineering 2.5
Public Management and Humanities College 31. Philosophy of Marxism 2
32. Public Administration 2
School of Marxism 33. Theory of Marxism 2
Department of Mathematics 34. Mathematics 2.5
Department of Physics 35. Physics 2.5

Note: Your undergraduate major should belong to the same discipline of the chosen master’s degree program.
Doctoral Degree Programs

Faculty No. Major Duration of Study(academic year)
Navigation College 1 Navigation Science and Technology 3
2 Traffic Information Engineering & Control 3
3 Marine Traffic Engineering 3
Marine Engineering College 4 Marine Engineering 3
5 Marine Electrical Engineering 3
Information Science and Technology College 6 Information and Communication Engineering 3
7 Computer Application Technology 3
8 Control Theory and Control Engineering 3
Transportation and Management college 9 Transportation Planning and Management 3
10 Logistics Engineering and Management 3
11 Management Science and Engineering 3
Transportation Equipments and Ocean Engineering College 12 Highway and Railway Engineering 3
13 Vehicle Operation Engineering 3
14 Design and Construction of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure 3
15 Rescue and Salvage Engineering 3
School of Law 16 Law 3
Environmental Science and Engineering College 17 Environmental Science 3
College of Marxism 18 Research on Chinese Marxism 3

Qualifications for Scholarship Application:

  • The candidate must be a foreign citizen and having good health.
  • The candidate must not be registered student in any Chinese universities upon applying.
  • The candidate for master Program study should have obtained a bachelor degree before July 2023.
  • The candidate should not receive scholarship before.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria and Coverage:

  • Scholarship program is for Masters and PHD Level candidates. The Candidate should be healthy.
  • Age Limit: The candidate must not be older 35 years.
  • Details about Expenditures:
    Master Degree Students = 17000/-RMB per month
    PHD Students = 2,000RMB/- Per month
  • Total number Of Scholarships Not yet Confirmed, scholarships may be increased/decreases.
  • Application time: You can submit applications until 30th march 2023

Graduate and Doctoral Scholarships From China 2023 Application Process Detail information here at if you are interested for apply online and wants to know more process then write us in comments section below.

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