Girls Colleges and Universities in Lahore

Here details upload about the Girls Colleges and Universities in Lahore and These name was included in Top. The city of Lahore is famous historical city of Pakistan and capital city of Punjab which has remained an excellent center of education since the beginning. There are many renowned and oldest institutes present in Lahore that are providing excellent learning opportunities to the students. And in the present situation there are a number of educational colleges and Universities are there for girls.

As we all know that teaching a woman means teaching a whole nation. Good societies focus on the education of women very much. So there are a number of colleges for girls in Lahore. Lahore is a city; where different colleges are present both public sector and private sector that offer wide variety of subjects to the students.

Girls colleges and Universities in Lahore

There are many famous educational institutes in Lahore like King Edward medical college, national college of arts, FC College, queen merry college while in private sector some renowned institutes are   Kinnaird College, Punjab group of colleges, superior group of colleges. Here is the list of Colleges and Universities in Lahore for girls that include most of the colleges’ science, arts, medical colleges etc.

Girls Colleges and Universities in Lahore

  1. Akhtar Saeed Medical and Dental College Lahore
  2. Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore
  3. APWA College for Women
  4. Ashrafia Islamic University Lahore
  5. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Lahore
  6. Defence degree college for women
  7. Fatima Jinnah Medical University
  8. Fazaia College of Education for Women
  9. Forman Christian College Lahore
  10. Garrison Post Graduate College for Women
  11. Government College of Home Economics Lahore
  12. Government College University Lahore
  13. Government Degree college Samanabad for Girls
  14. Government Islamia College Kachahri Road Lahore
  15. Gulberg College for Women
  16. Hajvery University Lahore
  17. Hazrat Aysha Siddiqa Model Degree College for Women Lahore
  18. ILM College Lahore
  19. Institute of Business and Management Lahore
  20. Institute of Social Sciences Lahore
  21. Islamia College for Girls
  22. Jinnah Memorial College Lahore
  23. Khadija-tul-kubra college of Pharmacy Lahore
  24. King Edward Medical University Lahore
  25. Kinnard College for Women
  26. Kips College Lahore
  27. Lahore College for Women University
  28. Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Lahore
  29. Lahore Grammar College
  30. Lahore Medical and Dental College Lahore
  31. Lahore University of Management Science Lahore LUMS
  32. Lead College for Girls
  33. Minhaj University Lahore
  34. Modern College for Girls
  35. Mughal Pura Degree College
  36. National College of Arts NCA
  37. National Textile and Management Sciences College
  38. National University of Modern Languages Lahore
  39. Oriental College of Arts
  40. Preston University Lahore
  41. Punjab College
  42. Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences Lahore
  43. Punjab University Lahore
  44. Quaid-e-Azam College of Commerce for Girls
  45. Quaid-e-Azam College of Science for Girls
  46. Queen Mary College
  47. Queens Degree College
  48. Sharif Medical and Dental College Lahore
  49. Sofia College of Arts and Science
  50. Standard College for Girls
  51. Superior College
  52. Unique College
  53. University College of Medicine and Dentistry Lahore
  54. University Law College Punjab University Lahore
  55. University of Central Punjab Lahore UCP
  56. University of Education Lower Mall Lahore
  57. University of Health Sciences Lahore
  58. University of Lahore
  59. University of Management and Technology Lahore UMT
  60. University of South Asia Lahore
  61. Virtual University of Pakistan
  62. Wise Girls College

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