Future of a Geologist in Pakistan

Geology is the field studied under discipline of earth sciences. In this discipline we study Earth’s features and its architecture made by Allah almighty. On global level geology is a very noble subject but in Pakistan it is not very widely studied subject.

And mostly girls don’t join this field. Over the past 5 years only 20 girls have joined this field. Statistics shows us that it is a manly field because it requires spending time outdoors in field.

Although in Pakistan it is not much studied but still future of a geologist is very bright because we have lots of work to do regarding this field but not enough geologists. In Pakistan 3 top universities COMSATS, Bahria and Quaid-e-Azam University are the only ones that are providing their services regarding this subject. Now I will open some of the doors towards knowing of this awesome field.

International Companies:

International companies are attracted towards Pakistan because Pakistan is very rich in mineral resources but we don’t have technology to get profit from what our lands have in it. Private companies are encouraged to Pakistan for exploration purposes and most of the times they are not entertained. One of such companies is Schlumberger. It has many sub-companies around the globe and they are covering over 114 nationalities.

Survey engineers:

Geology is a subject that requires people who can travel a lot because geologists are mainly required to conduct different surveys of the area and without them any exploration whether it is oil, gas or petroleum it is impossible to take place. Geologists are needed as surveyors mostly.

Future of a Geologist in Pakistan

Future of a Geologist in Pakistan


Geology is a wide spread field and it have many sub-fields and every discipline is important in human life. Following are some of the fields of geology.

  • Mineralogy and Crystallography:

This field deals with the study of minerals and crystals. And Pakistan as a country rich in minerals can progress by leaps and bounds if our mineralogists come up to help government.

Pakistan is a culture rich country and ornaments and jewelry are  the core products of Pakistan and they require gemologists or people belonging to crystallography and a geologist can also be expected to start his/her own genuine crystal business. It depends on human mind how they wire it to get benefit from their knowledge.

  • Petrography:

Petrography is the study of the rocks and studying rocks can help us discover different ores for our exploration purposes as the rocks are the reservoirs of the natural resources. Moreover world’s history is also hidden in rocks.

  • Geo-tectonics:

Geo-tectonics is the study of movement of plates and Pakistan being occupied in its country problems is not paying attention to this field yet people belonging to this field are required in Pakistan Geological Survey.

  • Environmental geology:

An environmental science is now-a-days frequently adopted study because of the environmental changes and in this field we study effects on our planet Earth. Environmental geologists can join different environmental NGO’s and this field is all about bringing change to stop adverse effects on Earth. And studying change in Earth due to environment. This field is the most followed field in Pakistan.

  • Oceanography

Oceanography is study of Earth portion sub ducted below Oceans and seas. Oceanography is the field that is not taught with immense detail in Pakistan but yes one organization regarding oceanography is National Institute of oceanography.

But this institute is research based and until now no progress regarding this field has been made in Pakistan although along the seas and oceans many resources can be explored and used for the refurbishing of our country.

  • Petroleum engineering:

The widely studied field of geology is petroleum engineering and the reason behind it is that this is the well-developed sector in Pakistan and economically beneficial not to our people but at least to governments that rule us. In Pakistan many companies are present e.g.

  • British Petroleum
  • BHP Billiton
  • MOL
  • Pakistan Oilfields
  • Pakistan Petroleum
  • OMV
  • Weatherford etc.

Some of the other companies that are making a great contribution are as follows:

  • Pakistan refinery
  • Pak-Arab refinery
  • Attock refinery
  • National refinery
  • Hydrogeology:

Pakistani geologists need to head towards this branch of geology because world-wide water is becoming scarce due to unruly use and Pakistan needs hydro-geologists to come forward and perform their role.

  • Economic geology

The most important branch of geology is economic geology and countries require it very frequently because this not only gives us a way to improve our country economy but also is a path to make our country prosperous. Fortunately Pakistan has paid attention towards it and formed organizations that perform an effective role in upgrading our economy systems e.g.

  • Attock Petroleum
  • Pakistan state oil
  • Shell Pakistan
  • Sui southern gas company
  • Sui northern gas pipelines
  • Total

To be honest geology is a field not much respected in Pakistan due to our government policies. Else if it was well honored Pakistan would have been one of the strongest countries. Geologists mostly go abroad for their further studies and acquire their life set up there. Geologists if step-up can bring a wide change in Pakistan’s economy and our laymen’s lifestyle.

It is to be said sadly that may be in Pakistan we don’t have too much opportunities to make our future bright but this is for sure that in other countries geologists are taken hand in hand.

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