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The plagiarism checker tools that will be discussed today are designed by keeping in mind the requirements of a student. You must know that students can’t afford paid plagiarism tools, but they still need the software that can check their work accurately and with promised reliability. Whether your assignments are perfect and uniquely written or not, you still have to check them with the best plagiarism checker so that you can eradicate any doubt related to self or accidental plagiarism. We have gathered some information about the best tool on the web for sour students below this passage!

Plagiarism detector!

The first online software tool in our list belongs to the famous and parent website, better known as! We want our students to know that this website is actually the best one for students, and this is because of multiple reasons, including its simplicity, accuracy, reliability, and of course, it being free. Students usually get confused with the operations of online plagiarism checker tools, and this is because of their hard to understand interface and ad views. If you, as a student, are being reluctant in the use of plagiarism tools and are looking for an easy one to use, then you must simply try this tool. The following steps will teach you how to operate it if it’s your first time!

Working with the plagiarism detector!

You just need the basic knowledge of the web for learning the use of this tool, following these steps will tell you what to do

  • When you enter the tool, you will simply see a very clear layout, and you will see a text box provided in the middle of the tool. You can use this text box to enter the textual input in the tool. Make sure you don’t enter more than a thousand words in the tool in one go as it can’t cater more than this limit per search query.
  • You will find upload buttons below the box with the help of which you can easily help yourself in uploading files from not only your device’s gallery but also from online sources like Dropbox.
  • The tool also has URL integrations so that you can easily remove or add the URL addresses of the sources you want to target.
  • The tool can also check your work for grammar mistakes, and you just have to use the grammar check feature/button of the tool.

You should know that this tool uses the latest technology to check your work for plagiarism, the deep search feature of the tool will help you check even the smallest phrases for duplication and any kind of identical text. Not only can it check your work for plagiarism, but we want our readers to know that you will easily get plagiarism authentication reports in PDF format, which you can attach with your work while submitting them. This tool is also the most secure plagiarism scanner device that you will find on the web these days.

Plagiarism checker by small seo tools!

The plagiarism checker by small seo tools is also one of the most accurate tools for students, and this is because of the interesting and huge number of features that it provides. The use of the tool is very simple and easy, and you don’t need any kind of instructions or experience to use this tool for free. You just have to navigate the tool on your device and start inputting the work that you want to check for duplication. Students can also use this plagiarism checker for checking self-duplication and comparing multiple documents. Say if you are preparing a group assignment, then you can use this tool to detect any similarities and remove them later on if it exceeds the allowed percentage. 

Some of the special features of the tool are given below for you!

  1. The scanner tool is free and requires no registrations for free use.
  2. The plagiarism checker is compatible with every device that you have.
  3. The data or the input that you provide in the tool is kept secure, and you don’t have to worry about its privacy.
  4. The tool uses artificial intelligence, which can detect even the smallest set of words for duplication, plus you should know that this checker tool has over billions of pages in its database that are updated regularly.
  5. The tool provides word press plugins for writers and bloggers.

This is one of the most accessible tools on the web, and people from all walks of life can use it and can get rid of plagiarism. The tool also provides students the paraphrasing feature with the help of which they can rewrite the content that has duplication in it; this is also for free!

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