Free Internet Facility By Facebook in Underdeveloped Countries

Facebook is going to provide Free Internet Facility in Undeveloped Countries. World has become a global village and but still there are some areas of the world where internet facility is not available to common man. Africa is a second largest continent of the world but it has still not become the member of virtual community. There was a need to help the African people in this regard. We mention here that Pakistan is also entered in the Underdeveloped countries. May soon Facebook soon announce the facility in Pakistan too?

Officials of the Facebook are already doing a meeting on the project on this facility. In this view Facebook is going to provide free internet facility in underdeveloped countries. Pakistan is also in the underdeveloped situation. Mark Zuckerberg CEO and founder of Facebook contacted Vodafone and many others phone Companies for providing free internet access to the people of Africa and underdeveloped countries.

Free Internet Facility By Facebook in Underdeveloped Countries

Free Internet Facility By Facebook in Underdeveloped Countries

Mark Zuckerberg is negotiating with a British satellite company. The UK based company has its three satellite which are covering the continent of Africa after its more satellites are been provided to covering the whole underdeveloped countries of the World. The main focus of the project is that to provide education and health instructions to the Dark Continent of the underdeveloped countries. Officials also believe in that this will increase the production capacity of the whole world by the 25%.

Mark Zuckerberg rightly believes that internet can change the lives of the people. That’s why he is committed to expand this facility in the far flung areas of the world. He has already launched a campaign against Ebola. has also launched a unique application for providing free internet to the people of underdeveloped countries.

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