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Essay on Flood in Pakistan

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We recently face the affections of floods in rural areas of Pakistan. It was a great disaster by nature to destroy a lot of the assets of Pakistan. They were a catastrophe and come to our nation pretty often. Although the modern era is notable for its technical achievements, man has not totally conquered floods. We may, however, somewhat ignore the negative effects of flooding. Everything that man has built after hard work is destroyed by floods. Actually, they are dreadful things, demolishing homes and other structures. The telecommunication, as well as the electrical booth, are destroyed. Many people are left their home due to this natural disaster as a result.

Essay on Flood in Pakistan

Essay on flood in Pakistan with outline

The recent floods in various parts of Pakistan have caused unprecedented destruction. Due to the high level of water, it has become difficult to escape. Therefore, climbing trees was hope for people to escape death. The flood water has caused a lot of damage to various villagers. Because of this, people left their shatters without getting their materials and things. Even many people have suffered financial loss. Even the high-yielding land has become crisp and dull due to this accident.

For a number of days, the entire connection was under construction. Due to this, people were trying to swim to save themselves. In fact, the lives of countless flood victims to thank the efforts of the military. However, the government made every effort to mitigate the struggles of the flood by taking appropriate measures. The wealthy and modern take actions to help their suffering brethren.

I went there last year when my village was flooded. It had been raining continuously for more than a week. It was about one month, which rain was not going to stop. Everyone was worried that our village would be swept away into the sea. We were thinking that if this rain continued how we will survive in this condition. Our streets were full of water and streams were overflowing. Many of the mud houses here had collapsed, causing loss of life and property. But thanks to God, the government and people helped a lot by which people’s lives could be saved.

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