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Flood in Pakistan Facts

According to officials in the country there are At least 78 people have died in floods in in Pakistan in the last week. According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) that the heavy monsoon rain which began falling from last 2 weeks and Its destroyed more than 1,600 houses and Buildings while the damaging a further 5,000. There are many questions emerging about the recent floods in Pakistan. We will describe flood in Pakistan 2016 essay.

This short essay investigates some of those questions. We should search that What is the ultimate responsibility About the ensuing human calamity in the Floods. We should understand that what is our Responsibility about the Human Calamity of Floods and What are the Facts about the Floods in Pakistan. Here we will talk about the Floods Facts and our Responsibilities about it.

Flood in Pakistan Facts

Flood in Pakistan Facts

First time the Biggest Floods started from the July 2010 in Pakistan, and In the resulting from heavy monsoon rains in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Punjab and Baluchistan regions of Pakistan and its affected the Indus River basin. There are the Areas on alert include Sindh, Baluchistan,Federal (Islamabad)/Punjab, Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

Facts About the Flood in Pakistan:

  • There are many diseases spread due to flooding including Following.
    1. Cholera
    2. Dengue Fever
    3. Diarrhea
    4. Dysentery Emteric Fever
    5. Flood water
    6. Gastroenteritis
    7. Infectious Diseases
    8. Jaundice
    9. Leptospirosis
    10. Malaria
    11. Typhoid Fever
    12. Viral Hepatitis
    13. Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI)
    14. Hyper Tension
    15. Digestive Disorders
    16. Scabies
    17. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
    18. Maternal and Child health ProblemsFlood in Pakistan Facts
  • Floods have affected about one-fifth of the country (nearly 62,000 square miles)
  • Nearly 20 million people have been significantly affected
  • One study puts the total cost of the flood damage at $7.1 billion
  • More than 400 health care facilities have been destroyed
  • More than 5,000 miles of roads and railways have been washed away
  • 7,000 schools have been destroyed
  • Eight million people are in urgent need now
  • 1,500 dead; Afghan refugee camps ruined
  • 1,270 official death toll; 474 still missing
  • 1,600 casualties
  • 2.6 million acres of crop land inundated
  • 14,000 cattle dead
  • 14 million people affected
  • 1,245 confirmed casualties
  • 1,334 people injured
  • 337,282 people rescued
  • 302,000 houses damaged

Advice to our respective government that they make Some better decision against the Floods and Show some progress. Because of our poor governmental system we face these Human Calamity of Floods. Two year ago, Pakistan suffered the worst flooding in its history that left some 2,000 dead and another 11 million homeless. The government must take steps against flood.

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