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FIA Salary in Pakistan Constable ASI Sub Inspector Assistant Director

The Federal Investigation Agency is an organization that is divided into six zones to deliver the services in Pakistan. Actually, this organization was come in from under the act of 1947 to deliver the services. Basically, this organization controls the crime activities under the different acts. It can take action against several organizations like educational organizations marketing electricity relevant organizations and so on. So, the details of the FIA Salary in Pakistan constable ASI Sub Inspector Assistant Director are available for the candidates. In this way, you will be able to know the salary in Federal investigation agency.

As we mention above the FIA is a federal organization in Pakistan so the salary is a little bit different than the government. In this way, we will provide you the complete information about the posts as well as the salary packages against the post in the organization of the Federal Investigation Agency. The details are available below with respect to the positions of the posts.

FIA Salary in Pakistan 2021

Let’s start with the position as well as the post of the Federal Investigation Agency in Pakistan. So, you will quickly know about the scale as well as the salary packages in the FIA departments.

FIA Salary in Pakistan Constable ASI Sub Inspector Assistant Director

FIA Constable Salary:

In this post, the scale is starting with BS 7 as a constable post with a 30 to 32k salary package. However, if the candidate has more education as per the requirement then the salary can be increased with respect to the qualification basis. Suppose the candidate applies with the qualification of metric or intermediate and the salary is around about 32K. Then the salary will be more than this if the qualification is a bachelor or higher than intermediate. So, its basis on the qualification because the organization is federal. On the other hand, salary also measures on the basis of the duration of the service.

FIA ASI Salary:

ASI or Assistant Sub Inspector post is dividing into two categories in this organization. The first one is that candidate comes in this post directly and the second one is by promotion. So, the fresh candidates who are directly come in this post are having the grade 9 that you can call scale 9 of the post. In this way, the salary is adjusting to approximately 45k to 48k. However, the same strategy is implying on the basis of education.

On the other hand, the candidates who promote from the post of constable to the ASI. Their salaries will more than the fresher ASI. The reason is the duration of the services and increments in the salary are matter and affect the net worth of the salary. However, the salary reaches approximately 50k to 55k for the second category of candidates.

FIA Sub Inspector Salary:

This post also has two categories as we mention above for the ASI post. So, this post has grade 14 to get the salary for this post in the FIA organization. So, the salary is starting from 50k to 58k approximately for the fresh candidates. However, for the old candidates who are promoting with ranks can reach the salary package of 60K to 70K its also can be 80K in terms of services.

FIA Assistant Director Salary:

The candidates are also dividing into two categories for this post to get a salary in the department. So, one is fresher and the second is a promoter who reaches this position with the passage of time. However, the grade of this position is 17 in the organization for the candidates. In this way, the salary is starting from 70K to 80k for this position. However, for the promoter, the criterion is different according to the services and other things.

Lastly, the candidates who are looking for more topics like this can ask from us. We always ready to provide a good amount of information for our visitors.

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