FBISE SSC Part-II papers may be delayed staff goes on strike

FBISE SSC Part-II papers may be delayed: The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Part-II Annual Examinations may be delayed because of the complete strike being observed by employees of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) against the alleged financial embezzlement in the board’s funds.
Employees of the FBISE came out of the building and locked it from the outside demanding FBISE Chairperson Shaheen Khan to stop financial embezzlement that has allegedly been done while transferring the official bank account of the board. They were of the view that the FBISE director general has transferred the board’s bank account to the Silk Bank and the Atlas Bank from the National Bank and Habib Bank Limited (HBL) for her vested interests.

It has been learned that the HBL was distributing examination papers to various destinations free of cost but now when the funds have been transferred to other banks, HBL has refused to distribute papers this time around. “The examinations for class 10th are just around the corner and the HBL has refused to distribute papers,” said an FBISE official.

The protesting employees of the FBISE alleged that the husband of FBISE Chairperson Shaheen Khan was involved in the financial embezzlement. According to information, an amount of Rs1.2 billion has been transferred to commercial banks. “What exactly was the point to transfer funds to other commercial banks when a branch of the HBL exists in the FBISE?” asked an official.

FBISE SSC Part-II papers may be delayed staff goes on strike

The protesters also demanded immediate removal of Secretary Mudassar ul Hassan who has been reappointed after his retirement. They believed that corruption has increased manifold since Mudassar ul Hassan has taken the charge. “He is the right hand of the chairperson as he supports and facilitates her in all wrongdoings,” said an official.

The protesters also demanded of the director general to vacate the FBISE guesthouse. “She is living in the guesthouse despite having a house on self-hiring in Sector F-10,” an employee told ‘The News’.

He said that either the chairperson should vacate the guesthouse or the house, which has been approved for self-hiring. “She has been living there since her joining the FBISE which is not fair. It is not for the first time we have demanded her to vacate the FBISE guesthouse,” said another FBISE employee.

Talking to ‘The News,’ FBISE Chairperson Shaheen Khan said that demands of the employees have been accepted and they would be announced on Saturday. When inquired about the transfer of funds, she said that they have accepted the demand of employees and reversed the process of funds transfer. “The situation will be normalised by tomorrow,” she said optimistically.

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