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Fashion Craze of Pakistani Students

Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing or furniture. In Pakistan fashion followers are of every age but especially students who are new generation of Pakistan are mostly diverted towards it. The reason of students mindset focused more towards fashion is due to glitz and glamor of media and what they make us watch.

At university level everyone is seen in new fashion every day. Fashions come and go. Some of the students become trend setters of the university and mostly considered as “cool!” ones. The fashion is considered as a symbol of well-aware person of his surroundings. And in lieu of the fashion students sometimes cross the extreme levels such as drug intake.

Fashion Craze of Pakistani Students

Fashion Craze of Pakistani Students

Students are often seen practicing the fashions that don’t even suit them. One should always remember that

“Fashion is what suits you.”

Instead of considering fashion as a sign of sophistication and enhancing of beauty now-a-days getting an edgy look is considered as the fashion which is uncomfortable for the beholder too but… fashion is to be followed or you are casted out of cool category. Students have young and developing minds and thus they are affected more than that of people of older age.

In institutions people make friends to the people who are updated by the newest of fashion trends else they are considered as cheap. The boost of media has brought new dimensions to the fashion trends.

It was a time when trends of every society differed according to their norms and culture but now the westernization is in fashion. Fashion is a very good thing but excess of everything is bad, and at university level this excess is very prominent.

Students who are more fashionable and die heart fan of it are not good at their studies and this is the reason that I consider fashion a bad thing as it is taking our young generation away from the life reality and throwing them into blinding lights of glamor. Last but not the least students should make sure that they don’t waste their too much time on being fashionable rather than education.

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