Essay on My Village Friend

you will get an essay about my village friend. For all those who want to prepare this essay for exams or any other important purpose then they should read the essay and can get help through this. I am basically related to the village where I spend my all childhood. And these were the best days of my life there were many friends of mine but there was a special friend there who was really special to me and was there for me in every problem. He was my best friend we both lay together and mostly spent our time together. We study together play together and in the morning we both go for a walk in lush green fields. These are the best memorable things that I remember.

Now I am living in the city but my best friend still lives in the village he is living a happy life there. He spends more of his time near nature. But in the city we are really far from nature we spend more of our time in AC rooms and big buildings. I miss my village a lot a morning walk with my friend and living near lush green fields. The cool breeze in the evening and the shed of trees were the best moments and were just awesome.

Essay on My Village Friend

My village Essay in English 150 words

My friend who lives in the village is very lucky he spends more time with his family. In fact, he had enough time to do different work. He is a really smart and active boy and he always participates in every new thing that is conducted in the village. In childhood, we used to play different outdoor and indoor games. In outdoor games, we use to play cricket and different games like this. And in indoor games, we like to play ludo was our favorite game and different games like this.

That time was too good no tension or anything we were living in our cute nice and small world that was limited to both of us. I miss that day and just want to go there again my friend invites me but I am too busy with my daily life. I just want to go back and enjoy the days again that I lived there and want to enjoy nature and my friend’s company.

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