Essay Speech on Qualities of a Good Student in Urdu, English

If you are looking for the Essay Speech on qualities of a good student in Urdu, English then you are in the right place. Students are the future of any country. Any country can’t touch the heights of success without good students. They are the ones who will lead the country in near future. In student life, one can be groomed professionally or can adopt bad qualities. A good student always adopts good qualities because he knows that one day he will lead the country as well as his nation. A good student has many good qualities.

He always respects his teachers because he considers them as her spiritual parents and thinks that he can’t get success without obeying and respecting the teachers. A good student always does his work on time and always tries to never quit his work at any stake. He always attends his classes regularly and takes part in class actively. A good student always keeps balance in his studies and other activities like sports and many others. He never misses behaving with his teaches and classmate too and always be polite to everyone. A good student always offers his prayer regularly and recites the Holy Quran daily.

Essay Speech on Qualities of a Good Student in Urdu, English

short essay on qualities of a good student

He always helps his class fellow in his studies and tries to absorb more and more knowledge from everyone. A good student always remains first in his studies but it doesn’t mean he is not good at other activities. He always comes first in his extra activities like sports and many others. We will also discuss the qualities of a good student paragraph in Urdu for kids, students.

A good student always abstains from bad habits like smoking, bunking, and many others. He always tries to make good friends, who are good at studies too. So, he thinks that he will be recognized by his friends and for that sake, he avoids bad friends and makes good ones. He loves his studies and never sacrifices his studies at any stake. If you also want to be a good student, then you have to maintain the balance between your study and sports.

You have to work on time as well as have to take proper sleep and do some sports activities too. It is also compulsory to obey your teachers and parents too because they are the open book for us. As well as our teachers and our parent’s directions on our paths to success. For more information about these types of essays and speech, please stay tuned with us on this site.

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