Essay on Problems Faced by Students

If you are looking for an Essay on Problems Faced by Students in School, Classroom then you are in the right place. Education is one of the most important needs of humans not only in Pakistan but also all across the world. It is the basic need of each and every person of every nation. A country may lead the world with an effective educational system economically as well as socially. A good education is the key to success. Students face many problems during their school life to get an education. There are many reasons behind this problem and one of the major problems is that our country is not as developed as the other countries in the world.

Therefore our educational system is also not developed too and it creates many hurdles in student’s life. Most people consider that getting an education is very easy as well as consider that the student life is a very joyful life. Students read in this topic essay on problems faced by students in school and remedies for it and common/short paragraphs on problems of students. But in reality, it is one of the toughest things to be a student in this world.

Short essay on problems faced by students

They have big responsibilities on their shoulders which they have to fulfill to avoid punishment. They have to get up early in the morning, have to work hard to pass their exams, and have to do their homework. These are the common problems that today’s students face but there are also many other major problems which are listed below in detail.

Essay on Problems Faced by Students

Essay on common short Problems Faced by Students in School, Classroom

Financial Problem:

The very first and major problem that students face is the financial problem. Student life is considered a poor life because in this life they have to rely on their parents and don’t have any direct source of Money. Moreover, our country is one of the poorest countries in the world and our government spends low on the education system which results in costly education. Most students skip their studies because they don’t pay their dues on a regular basis. Students have to pay heavy fees as well as have to purchase new uniforms and books which are not easy for a student to purchase by themselves. Moreover in Pakistan, only a few public schools are present but the private institutes are more in number. These private schools charge a heavy few from students which results in child labor.

Imposed Study:

Students are not allowed to choose their desired subjects independently. In fact, they are imposed by their parents, teachers, and elders. This is one of the biggest problems of a student that he has to study in which he has no interest which leads that student toward failure. Most students don’t take an interest in their studies due to not having their desired fields and education.


In our country transportation is not free for anyone. As you know there are limited best educational institutes present in our country. And mostly students travel from rural areas to urban areas. They have to pay transportation rent on a regular basis. This is the biggest problem faced by students in getting an education.

Lake of Career Counseling:

When a student passes his exam, especially the matriculation exam he/ she becomes confused about choosing their further subjects. It is very difficult for students to choose subjects and careers according to their interests and desires. Most students choose their subjects because their parents or their relatives select those subjects for them.

Problems faced by students in school

Language is one of the biggest problems of Pakistani students. Most students came from Urdu medium but after matriculation books changed into English. Most students even cannot understand what is written in their books. It is one of the biggest problems of each and every student in Pakistan. Our government as well as our parents and seniors avoid these problems for students in Pakistan.

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