Essay on Water Problems in Pakistan

Now we are providing the Essay on Water Problems in Pakistan and also its solution in PDF. So all the interested candidates can easily get all information. Regarding latest water crisis problems in the all biggest cities. Even that all over Pakistan in PDF. You know that Water is a good need for every man/woman, children and all living things like that animals and plants while due to some bad situation / dirty water and shortage of neat & clean pure water our country is facing various problems. We have five well water places which are famous in Pakistan.

Such as Indus Basin River, Makran Coastal Basis, Ground Water, Terbela Dam, Mangla Dam and Chashma Barrage. All Pakistani are using that water places for irrigation, power generation, drinking, and industry. We are facing that kind of water crises in Pakistan. Due to two main problems like that natural reason and mismanagement. Our Balochistan and Sindh provinces are extremely faced shortage of water.

Essay on Water Problems in Pakistan

According to the annual inflow of water by the Indus and tributaries is 141.67 maf. In which that only 3% share is using for the domestic and industrial places. While other 97% water is using for the agricultural area in Pakistan. There is a total of 141.67 maf inflow water by the Indus and 106 maf is annually diverting area. Like that inefficient irrigation and other 36 maf move into the sea which that is called is unused. Mostly area of agricultural is destroying due to various water crises and not fulfilling requirement at the time of work.

Causes of water crisis in Pakistan pdf with solution essay Now that time we will be dependent on various other countries for water. We are gaining a heavy amount of foreign exchange from the orchards of Pakistan and these can be affected through shortage of water. Due to low water supply for the agriculture sector so then it will be provide outputs nil which that will be produced the unemployment opportunities to the urban areas.

Essay on Water Problems in Pakistan

Water Crisis Problems in Pakistan

Here we are telling you some solution for remove the water crises in Pakistan. Now that time Pakistan has started the new under-construction dams such as Chasha dam, Kalabagh dam, Raised Mangla dam, Mirani dam, and Gomalzam dam. These dams can be removed the all water crises which are currently in Pakistan. Mostly educated management should hire for water conservation. The government of Pakistan must provide the latest laws on water conservation. They can provide the various latest technology like filtered water and it will stop the various water pollution diseases. Please keep visit on this page to get the latest updates about more details water crisis in Pakistan.

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