Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan and its Solution

As we all know about term terrorism in Pakistan was the most discuss-able query. In this way, it becomes the topic to involve in the study of matric as well as intermediate. Therefore, the possibility is to come to the Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan and its Solution in exams. In fact, in the last few years’ exams, the essay came with the topic of terrorism in Pakistan. For the acknowledgment of the students, we are providing that essay for the students. It will help out the students to learn that essay by our efforts. After reading the essay on terrorism on our website students will able to write their own essay.

Terrorism is the basically unlawful act of use of violence and terror for political purposes. According to the facts and figures, terrorism started in the time of 2000 and its impression was till 2019 in Pakistan. As such, more than 60 thousand deaths have been caused by terrorism. In this way, the number of deaths of the security officials is more than seven thousand. Now currently the situation about terrorism is stable in Pakistan. However, terrorism is a big issue all over the world. Many countries are facing terrorism activities in their country. Terrorism is also known as the act to create fear in society on the basis of normal people. However, there are different types of terrorism all over the world.

Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan and its Solution

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State terrorism is the act of violence in which one country attacks another country is known as state terrorism. This kind of terrorism can be against a particular group or can also be against religion or other leadership. Such as the Indian act of terrorism is active against Kashmir as well. On the other hand, Israel acts of terrorism on Palestine. Another example of state terrorism is the attack of America on Afghanistan and Iraq country. Dissent terrorism is to take action against the government which is currently active. In this way, the best example is the BNA group which is against the government. The BNA is a group which is having a full name with Balochistan National Army in Pakistan.

Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan

The left and right terrorism is the type of orthodox and modest having conflicts in their point of view. In this type, the terrorism members can be socialist and others. Religious terrorism is the type in which religious ideology involves in politics. However, no religion promotes terrorism or propagates terrorism. However, society interprets religious activity in the wrong direction and terms of terrorism. For example, lots of non-Muslims think that Islam promotes terrorism in society. However, Islam does not promote any act of violence and activity of terrorism.

In the type of criminal terrorism, people involve in criminal activities to create a threat in society. In this criminal activity, people do killing activities robbery as well as murders. Usually, criminal activities also become state-terrorism activities on the basis of politics. That’s why criminal activities or terrorism are also related to state terrorism.

There are lots of reasons as well as causes for terrorism in any place on the planet. Religious extremism is one reason to create criminal activities in society. It is also the miss interpretation of Islam by the so-called Muslim Ulama and leaders. The second season is the lack of justice in the country. This reason is worldwide which is creating and giving the chance to create the violence. That’s why, when any innocent person could not get justice with the help of the law then he will choose the wrong path. That will be the cause of violence and criminal activities as well as terrorism.

The illiteracy is also a reason for the terrorism in the world in which illiterate person does in the society. In this way, the illiterate do not get jobs due to their illiteracy. They don’t even know about the law and act of the government for living life. That’s why they involve in criminal activities to reduce their poorness. They involve in criminal activities like bomb blasting and like that kind of activity. They don’t know that this is not the success of their life to murder themselves also.

So, the solution to reduce or finish terrorism in the world is strong law and act. This is the main key to solve the problem of terrorism in any country. However, the country of Pakistan is performing a great job to control the activities of terrorism. That’s why now the terrorism in Pakistan is largely over. The people are spending their life happily without any kind of threat in Pakistan.

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