Essay on Poverty in Pakistan

Here you will come to know about Essay on Poverty in Pakistan and Poverty means the situation which results in the non availability of basic necessities of life including food, clothing, shelter etc. In Pakistan poverty has embittered the lives of poor people. The distress and grief in the people has appeared only due to poverty. In developing countries like Pakistan the people have become its worst victims. The latest reports of World Bank ranked Pakistan at number 43 in the list of countries most exposed to poverty.

Due to unequal distribution of wealth, rich people are becoming richer and poor are becoming even poorer. The basic cause of poverty is inflation and unemployment due to which our country is at the verge of misery and despair. Among the various causes of poverty lack of governance is top of the list. Politicians come and go and leave the state at the mercy of God. Due to this political instability in Pakistan, people have become helpless.

They are unwilling to invest money which directly results in unemployment. Lesser job opportunities for the people make them frustrated and as a result they get involved in criminal activities. The rich landlords prefer the people to remain backward otherwise they will break the chains of poverty through education and devotion. The government should work to make the infrastructure strong so that grave issues of society can be tackled with little efforts.

Essay on Poverty in Pakistan

Essay on Poverty in Pakistan

Poverty is the grief for the parents could not bring their 2 years old child to hospital and he died of a routine childhood disease. It is so because he could not afford the expenses of the hospital. This is vivid picture of the grim realities of Pakistan. Such poverty stricken families of Pakistan get unnoticed who die of hunger pangs because they don’t have the job to fulfill their basic needs of life. Hunger is written large on the innocent faces of the children playing in the slums of a poor country Pakistan. A vast difference in the income groups of people is direct cause of poverty.

The scarcity of education results in poverty. It is mainly found in rural areas where children work with their parents in the fields and are not admitted to the schools. Without education you cannot have a job and without a job you cannot make money. So this leads to poverty at the end. Another factor is that of over population. When resources are less than the expenditures, there are too many people living in a smaller area. Thus more people will require more food, the provision of which is impossible in a poverty stricken society. If you are ready about essay on poverty in Pakistan with outline topic than here is only place where you can check the details completely.

There are a number of remedies by which we can minimize and control poverty. First of all job opportunities should be provided to the people by the government sector so that they can earn proper livelihood and can live within their means. By controlling inflation, the gap between the income levels will not affect the living conditions of the people. The money should be distributed equally among all classes of the society so that poverty can be avoided.

Period of good governance by honest politicians and with the launch of many welfare reforms can make the people hopeful about their future. Education shall be made free of cost so that everyone gets an equal chance to get succeeded. Furthermore Primary education shall be made compulsory. Limiting the that number of children will keep a balance between the resources and expenses in this way a society can become free from this social evil and country will make progress rapidly.

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