Essay on My Hobby

Different people have different hobbies or we can say that there are as many hobbies as men. The everyday work makes us monotonous. To break this routine we often look for interesting and exciting things to do. Hobbies are the best way to divert the attention from daily routine work and make our mood fill with pleasure and joy. Human becomes tired of doing same things every time so it needs entertainment.

There are different hobbies in the world. Some like to spend their spare time in reading their favorite books. Some persons have the hobby of collecting stamps or coins. Birds watching are also a hobby of some people. Still others like to spend their free time in gardening. Photography is also a popular hobby and every one may not able to afford it. Painting, walking, Fishing and swimming are also good hobbies. A good hobby is very useful for that person who adopts it.

Essay on My HobbyThese activities provide recreations and freshens our mind. Without a hobby life becomes dull. I also have hobby that keep me busy all the time. Actually I have two hobbies i.e. Gardening and Cooking. I adopt both these hobbies because they are linked with each other. I would like to tell you about both of my hobbies. Gardening is my first hobby. We have a spacious ground attached to our house. I have developed this open space into a beautiful garden.

I am always devoting my free time for the up keeping of my beautiful garden which is very dear to me. I get a sense of joy and pride when I visit my garden in my free time. Other members of my family also take care of my beautiful garden. In my garden I have planted some fruit trees. I have also planted some plants of beautiful flowers. Now I have started growing vegetables. Our needs for fruits and vegetables are wholly met from my garden, which give me a great sense of achievement.

I am really proud of my garden which is admired by all who visit our house. My garden is full of sweet fragrance and beautiful flowers. The blooming of different colors greatly enhances the beauty of my garden. Now, let me share with you the experiences of my second hobby which is cooking. I love cooking and it has become my hobby. I take new and different recopies from the internet or from TV then I try those recopies in my kitchen occasionally.

My dishes are greatly admired by my family. I also pick fresh vegetables from my garden and add in my recopies. I love food therefore I have adopted this hobby. In my garden I have planted my favorite vegetables. Seasonally I grow fresh vegetables. I love cooking Chinese food. My hobby gives me a sense of satisfaction and feeling proud.

Thus, both my hobbies give me immense pleasure. Whenever I am tired of my routine work, I just go to my garden and lie there on the green grass in the midst of blooming flowers. The sweet fragrance of the flowers fills my nostrils and I feel very active and fresh again. My hobbies provide me not only pleasure but also a good amount of physical exercise.

It is the necessary that we must take some time out to do our favorite activity. Everybody must adopt and develop a useful hobby because it educates and gives information with a sense of pleasure. If a person doesn’t find time for his hobby then he becomes restless and tired of his life. It is said that idle mind is devil’s workshop so it is the requirement of our mind and body to adopt a good and useful hobby.

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