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Essay on My Favorite City Islamabad

Basically, the country of Pakistan has big and beautiful cities but I’m going to write an essay on My Favorite City Islamabad in this article. It will help the students who want to write an essay on their own cities. In fact, the students can write the same essay if they love the city of Islamabad. However, the students can get the idea for writing their own essay according to their favorite city. So, let’s start the essay with the introduction of this city.

There are different beautiful and big cities but I love my hometown city Islamabad. There are a couple of reasons that I love a lot this city. Firstly, I was born in this city that’s the way I love it so much. Every human loves his birthplace even that is good or not good. However, my city Islamabad has unique from all cities of Pakistan. The first reason for uniqueness is that it is the capital of Pakistan. The second reason is the name of this city which is Islam and Abad. That motivates me to love this city of Islam in simple words. My city has beautiful and remember able places that everyone loves to see in his life.

Academic Essay On My Favorite City Islamabad 150 Words

Islamabad city has lots of parks as well as Zoo areas and other natural resources. In this way, the most remarkable park in Islamabad city is Fatima Jinnah Park. This park is considering the largest park in Asia of the southeast that is in Islamabad. However, this park has a lot of beautiful areas that attract people to stay in this park. In fact, the mosque of Shah Faisal is not a forgettable thing when we talk about historical places. This mosque is covering a very large area that is naming with Faisal Shah masjid. Lots of people come from other cities to visit this beautiful mosque and prays in this mosque.

Islamabad city has the rate of highest literacy in all Pakistan that is approximately 87 percent. In this way, there are lots of government and private educational organizations that are delivering a very good quality of education in Islamabad. However, there are many colleges and universities in which some are providing online education as well. On the other hand, there are health care centers that are providing services on public and private levels in the city. Lastly, the people of my city Islamabad are very kind and good and treat each other friendly. That’s way, Islamabad is my favorite city.

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