Essay on My Country Pakistan For Class 10

Here we are going to provide the Essay on My Country Pakistan For Class 10 that you can read and remember for your English B paper. Actually, there are many Essays for standard and extraordinary students. In this way, there are some students who prefer to learn extraordinary essays due to their good pick level. On the other hand, many students prefer to learn standard essays that we are going to provide here. So, you can see the Essay of My Country Pakistan in the below section. Basically, there are many key books and helping books in which students can learn Essays. But we are writing an essay here that is easy to learn for all students. So, check below and read this easy-to-learn for your final exam.

My beloved homeland country is Pakistan which came into existence on 14 August 1947. Actually, it came into existence as a result of the tireless efforts of Quaid-i-Azam. There are many reasons why I love my country so much. Originally, Pakistan appeared in the region of the world with the Islamic ideology. Pakistan has four provinces namely Sindh Province, Punjab Province, Baluchistan Province, and Gilgit-Baltistan. All the provinces have their own unique beauty. Pakistan has culturally different cultures which are different in every province. On the other hand, geographically, many places in Pakistan are attractive and fascinating. In many entertainment places in Pakistan, tourists from foreign countries come for entertainment.

Essay on My Country Pakistan For Class 10

Various languages ??are spoken in Pakistan which are regionally popular. But the national language of Pakistan is Urdu. The Punjabi language is the most widely spoken language spoken in Punjab province. In terms of security, Pakistan is a strong country, which includes nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons. In terms of nuclear power, Pakistan is ranked 6th. In this sense, Pakistan’s defense system is very strong.

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However, the Army of Pakistan is considered as the strongest army in the world. The fear of the Pak Army in the world is due to the faith in Islam and belief in Allah. Pakistan has a population of about 150 million, most of whom are illiterate. But now education is expanding repeatedly and new institutions are being formed. There are many high-quality universities in which Pakistan is making great progress in science, technology, and industry.

Pakistan is a developing country but in many sectors, Pakistan has a prominent role. This is the reason why Pakistan imports and exports from other countries. The salt of Pakistan is famous all over the world. Many countries import minerals from Pakistan. Pakistan has four seasons which include summer, winter, spring, and autumn. By the grace of God, the future of Pakistan is very bright.

We try to cover more than 300 words of Essay on Pakistan that you can learn for your class 10. In fact, we try to make it easy for ordinary students. So, you can easily learn this easy for your annual exam.

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