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Essay on My Best Teacher

Teaching is a noble profession. Teaching is an angelic work. Teaching is the profession of prophets and here we will be provided now Essay on My Best Teacher , God has regarded teachers as lighthouses who are responsible for the betterment of whole generations. Teachers are the real guiders. Teachers are spiritual fathers. Parents bring up their children and the teachers form their characters. It is the teacher who makes doctor, and engineer, scientist or any other great person.

Essay on My Best Teacher

Essay on My Best Teacher

Prophets, saints and sages all were teachers. They are the builder of nation. They are guides. We should give them due respect. There is a famous saying that a teacher is a doctor of the mind. He removes the ignorance from the mind of student and teaches him knowledge about . A good teacher has the ability to transfer his knowledge to the students. An ideal and perfect teacher remains a student all his life, as he is always increasing his knowledge.

He knows that knowledge is virtue. He tries to enlighten the minds of students. A teacher is person who teaches us the path of life. Many teachers have inspiring personality and students get admired from different teachers due to many different facts. I have many teachers but Sir Ali is my favorite teacher. Sir Ali is our class teacher and teaches us the subject of English. He owns all the qualities of a good teacher. He is loving, smart and hard working. He is well dressed person that is why he always impresses us.

His way of teaching is very attractive. Sir Ali knows the difficulties of his students. He knows that the cause of education can only be served if there is strong communication between the teacher and his students. Besides teaching English, he also teaches the students the principles of punctuality, discipline and efficiency by his own example. Sir Ali is just and fair mind person because he dint favor any student for any special reason rather he treat every student in the same way.

He makes the student learn more effectively by considering every single student of the class. He tries to answer the question of every student in the best possible way. He worked hard on the weaknesses of students regarding grammar skills. He has input creative writing skills in very student so that they can attempt any kind of question ask in the exams. He delivers his lecture in such an impressive way that we do not hear the bell.

Moreover he is a man of principles. He is a devoted teacher. His way of talking his manners and his discipline is well known. He has a good reputation in his locality and you can right place where read Essay on My Best Teacher for 4th 5th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th class students. Everybody respects him. He is honest to his profession. He is sincere to his students. He loves his students and all the students respect him. He helps the needy.

He is religious minded. He prays five times a day. On the whole he is a perfect person, I am proud of my teacher. In the end I would say that my teacher is a great asset to our school and the society.

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