Essay on Importance of Trees in English

Here all viewers now get the Essay on Importance of Trees in English. Trees plays a vital role in our environment, it purifies and make our air fresh that we inhale with our nostrils. There is no evolution in our plane be possible without trees. A great instrument to get oxygen for our life is only trees. Trees plays an important role in past and also plays the play role even now. Trees is not only the major part that giving oxygen to the all living things but also helps in many other ways like providing fuels and wood for furniture.

As we all know that the air of now days are so polluted to make that air clean we have to plant many trees in front of every house or it is compulsory to be a tree in a street. Approximately the tress covers 30% range of earth. Many medicines are also made from tress many shrubs and herbs are medicated that help you to protect you from many diseases.

Essay on Importance of Trees in English

When you breath near a green tree you feel so fresh and also that greenery make your eyes fresh and make you a calm person. Many trees at a place makes forest now these forests help to recycle the nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. They affect many natural happening like rainfall and affect the temperature of the area that have many trees near them. Trees are also major part to produce many new species that will help you to make new biological researches.

Importance of Trees in English

Every industry is dependent on trees because this is the first and last raw material of their products. Papers you have in your hand also made by these trees. Approximately 1.5-billion-ton timber is consumed by the industries that is in large amount to be recoverable. All the medicines are made through these plants from origin so without trees we are not be able to cure a single wound so make sure that there would be many trees within your area this thing is compulsory so due to many above reasons that are mentioned here are biggest reasons to have trees near you and also a major reason that tress plays a vital role in our life

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