Essay On How Do You Celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan

Here you can find an Essay On How You Celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan. Everyone in Pakistan celebrates Independence Day with full of joy and spirit. If you are here for the best result of How Do You Celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan then you are at the right place. The first question that arises in our mind that why we celebrate Independence Day. And what is the history the answer is that on 14 August 1947. Pakistan came into being after many struggles and after the sacrifices of our ancestors.

So, the question is how would we celebrate Independence Day? The answer is simple don’t sleep at home on this day make something new and creative for Pakistan. While don’t do any wrong thing like wheeling and irritating others. Because this is not the real way to celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan.

Independence Day is celebrated all across in the boundaries of Pakistan. The feeling of freedom will be enjoyed on 14 August with spirit and passion. Don’t move wandering on this special day because this day is not an ordinary day because on this day Pakistan came into being and separate from India. No one denies the day spirit that they don’t feel any special feeling.

Essay On How Do You Celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan

Essay On How Do You Celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan

Make sure that this day you watch special telecasts on television and also play the national anthem and stand for it with respect. After this plant a tree that will in future give you fruit. You can also help some needy people by giving them money and some clothes this will raise your spirit of giving and taking care of others. Many people visit some places like Wagah border and gandha singh border. Their purpose to see the ceremony of flag taking off or taking up will make your spirit full and feeling full.

All families visit these places to see the Indian and Pakistani parades along with their cultural events. National flags are also hoisted on large buildings like the Parliament House and President House. Flags are also hoisted on the roof of every home which is usually Pakistan green. Everyone comes out of the house wearing green shirts and white pants also some green and white bands on their hands this is the right way to celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan.

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