Essay On Importance of Education in our Life

Education is one of the basic needs of humans and here you can find Essay On Importance of Education in our Life. It is a religious obligation to get an education. Being a Muslim we believe that a literate person and illiterate people cannot be equal at all. If we deeply examine this sentence then we come to know about the importance of education in our life. Moreover, a person or a society that is not educated can’t think on rational lines at all. In the past years, most people fight without planning which led to bloodshed due to ignorant and illiteracy. This is one of the little examples which shows the importance of education.

Education is very important in every walk of life. We can easily examine its importance in every field. Let’s have a brief discussion that what are the benefits of education in one’s life and what the disadvantages of being illiterate in this world are. There are many benefits of being literate and educated in this world. One of the biggest benefits is that a well-educated person can transform his dream into reality. He becomes able to achieve the objects of his life or goals. Every person has different wishes some want to be rich while others want to be popular in this world. Whatever the dream is, a person who knows the basics rules of achieving goals can fulfill his dreams.

He only became aware of basic rules by getting an education in that field. When someone gets a higher degree in some specific field he became one of the most wished people of that field. He receives many offers from different organizations and companies to join them and serve as a part of them. But in case you are illiterate and have no knowledge then you will not consider for even a job of peon. Education makes you able to earn more money as compared to the person who has no education.

Essay On Importance of Education in our Life

Importance of Education in Pakistan

Most people consider themselves prior to others due to their wealth and richness but this is the wrong phenomenon. A well-educated person is better than a poor but rich person. An educated person knows that who to greet people and who to sit and stand with other people who have money but a person having no education but have money may have lack manners.

Every one of you is familiar with the phrase Health is wealth. This phrase also relates to education directly. A well-educated person knows what type of food is healthy for his health and what to eat and what to ignore. While an illiterate person has no knowledge of food and he cannot make choice between good and bad food.

A person who is educated feels more confident than the person having no knowledge. Lack of confidence leads to the failure of the things in regular life. On the other hand, a person whose confidence is boosted can make and make good decisions in every walk of life. These are few reasons which show the importance of education in our life. For more reasons please stay tuned with us on this site.

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