Essay On My Favorite Personality My Parents Father Mother

A great person always becomes the shining star for those who want some light in the dark. Mostly these shining stars become famous personalities for those who follow the footsteps of these personalities because they want to succeed in their lives. Here you will come to know about the Essay on my Favorite Personality My Parents Father-Mother from this site. Everyone has their own favorite personalities but my favorite personalities are my parents. Parents are the blessing of Allah and no one can deny the importance of this pure and precious relation in this world. Parents are the only ones in this world who love and invest in their children without seeking benefits from them.

My parents are also perfect parents in the world because they always stand with me in the hour of need. They are the perfect ones and have experienced everything. The reason behind their greatness and success is the pages of their history which they have experienced their whole life Read Also here Essay on My Favorite Personality Fatima Jinnah.

i love my parents essay

My father and mother are the ones who have done distinctive deeds in their lives. They are the open book for me and I can take giddiness from that book in my personal and professional life. My father was in the Army and they have served our beloved nation and country as well while my mother is a school teacher who is building the personalities of tomorrow’s engineers, doctors, and officers.

Essay On My Favorite Personality My Parents Father Mother

i love my parents essay My Favorite Personality My Parents

My father has fought for our beloved country in many wars against our enemies. He is currently serving day and night to eliminate terrorism from the country. While my mother is doing the occupation of prophets and serving the nation. Both my father and mother have symbolic personalities and they both have been working for the progress of our beloved country.

They are the ones who sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of their beloved country and always be ready to serve their country and nation in any situation. They are everything to me because they are the ones who never let me feel isolated in any situation either it could be my personal problem or related to my professional life. I love my beloved parents and always pray for their health because they are not only shining stars for me but also for many others who are directly or indirectly linked with them. May they live a long life.

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