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Essay on My Favorite Personality Fatima Jinnah

Fatima Jinnah is the mother of the nation. Fatima Jinnah was born on 30 July 1893. She was a Pakistan dental surgeon, biographer, and one of the leading founders of Pakistan. If you are looking for an Essay on my favorite personality Fatima Jinnah then you are in right place. She was an advisor to her older brother “Muhammad Ali Jinnah”. Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the first Governor-General and founder of Pakistan. She was a strong woman who co-founded Pakistan’s Woman Association which is played a vital role in the settlement of this country. After the death of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Fatima Jinnah was banned from addressing the nation of 1951. Fatima Jinnah wrote the book “My Brother” and her ideal in her hard work and intelligent brother Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

This book was published in 1955 and 32 years was later in this book. Fatima Jinnah came out of her self-imposed and political requirement in 1965. Fatima Jinnah was back out by the participation of political parties. She came out despite political ringing by the military. Fatima Jinnah was the youngest of seven children.

Essay on My Favorite Personality Fatima Jinnah

Her father’s name is “Poonja Jinnah” and her mother’s name is “Mithibai”. Fatima Jinnah has six siblings these are Muhammad Ali, Ahmad Ali, Bunde Ali, Rehmat Ali, Maryam, and Shireen. All the siblings Fatima Jinnah was closed to Muhammad Ali Jinnah because he was a guardian upon the death of their father in 1901. Fatima Jinnah was admitted to the highly University of Calcutta.

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She was graduated from this university and then she opened a dental clinic in Bombay in 1923. Fatima Jinnah has received her early education from Karachi. Miss Fatima Jinnah not only live with her brother but also accompanied him on his tours. They are joined in London when he remained thereafter Second Round Table Conference. In the capacity of 1947 they worked, when the All India Muslim League was being organized.

Miss Fatima Jinnah was taken as a member of the working committee. In March 1940, Fatima Jinnah was attached to the Lahore session of the Muslim league. In 1941 in Delhi, she was primarily due to her debut that the all-India Muslim woman students Federation was organized. Fatima Jinnah was running for president as a consideration of the opposition party to combined. This is the only course of action that any suits the self-respecting people and it’s certainly the Muslim nation.

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