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Essay On My Favorite Personality Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan

Here you will come to know about the Essay On My Favorite Personality Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan from this site. DR Abdul Qadeer Khan is the real hero of nation, who have helped with his vision and knowledge to make Pakistan as an atomic power. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was born 1st April in 1936 during British reign. He is one of the top Pakistani metallurgical engineers present in Pakistan. He is recognized as the national hero and father of Pakistan or Father of Nuclear bomb. He belongs to a well respected and Nobel family of Pakistan. He started getting education from the Ginnori Primary school and when he cleared 5th class, he was sent to the Jehangiria Middle school. He did matriculation from the Hameedia High School and moved to D.J Sindh Government College Karachi for intermediate education. Khan has done his B.SC from the Karachi University and started working as a weight inspector. He realized that he should pursue higher education and moved to Germany for further education. He gained admission in Delft University of Technology Belgium and got degree of Master of Science and technology. After this, he did doctoral degree from the Catholic university of Leuven and became metallurgist.

When the India Declared himself as a nuclear power, it become need of Pakistan to become an atomic power. With the day night struggle of Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pakistan had done almost six nuclear explosions in May 1974. After this, A.Q. Khan was linked with the Pakistan Atomic Energy commission and started working for the betterment of Pakistan defense.

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He is the one who devoted his whole life to serve Pakistan and Pakistani Nation. Due to security issues, he faced many troubles by his own people but he never lose his heart and always tried to help his country. He is the father of atom bomb and due to his hard working now every Pakistani is able to talk with enemies on the basis of atomic power. He made Pakistan as first atomic country in the world and now a day Pakistan stands in the list of atomic powers in the world. Currently this man is living with his family in a small apartment. He is 81 years old but still has passion to serve his country and his nation with his wisdom and vision. May he live long Ameen.

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