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Effect of Drama Culture on Pakistani Society

Trends of the people of particular area to celebrate the events of happiness and grief according to the preset norms, values and tradition of the particular area or reluctance or acceptance in adoption of new things.”

Almighty ALLAH said in Quran: (Mafhoom):
Those who are playing in avocation, they are drive towards the hell with a forceful pushing. (Al-toor;Al-Quran)

“Woe to him who tells lies to make people laugh-woe to him-woe to him”. (Ahmed; Trimdhi)

First of all I would like to discuss “what is the drama culture?” then what are the norms, values and tradition of Pakistan and then I would move to the major topic Effect of Drama Culture in Pakistani Society.

So what is the drama culture? By Drama we means that

“Any thing in writing or in acting which make people to laugh or grief or think about certain idea or to feel the conditions of some miserable people or a clear illustration of the situation by means of artificially created character and set which is totally imaginary in its creation”.

Actually the writer picturises the situation in words and the actor acts accordingly to make the situation clear to the reader or viewer of the drama. It is very effective way to convey your message to the audience.

By culture we means the

“Trends of the people of particular area to celebrate the events of happiness and grief according to the preset norms, values and tradition of the particular area or reluctance or acceptance in adoption of new things”.

During the last few years Pakistan adopted variety of things and also abolish lot of things. Adoption rate is so high than the deletion of things. Examples of the culture are the Punjabi, Sindi, Balochi and Phatan culture in Pakistan.

Scientifically culture is the particular habitat where different species of animal lead their lives with a high degree of interdependence. In this culture some animals are powerful while others are weak, stronger animal dominant the weaker one’s and ultimately they swallow the weaker animal’s b/c animal have no knowledge and wisdom. But there is an animal, which has knowledge and wisdom but also, behaves like proud animals, this animal is human being. This animal uses different tools and ways to disgrace weaker section of the community; kill them, abuse them, scold them, laugh at them, make fun of them and ultimately deprives them from their native right of universal freedom and compel them to live just to serve the stronger section of the community. Now the stage drama culture strengthens this process by introducing different new style and words to make laugh someone and disgrace some others.

This drama culture is totally base on the maltraditions of the society, which are nothing except lie, and collection of liar people who feel much happy while doing this. This culture also has some traditions to make other people laugh by telling lie, joking at them, boasting, making unrealistic stories about other, creation of imaginary writing or acting, the actor are just like the cartoons and the drama is their show in the dual hand of director producer and public in front of stage.

By the last few years this cartoon culture flourished much, which involved people of every age. Every body laughs widely on their act and enjoy themselves. The people feel that they are now free from the bitter reality of the cruel life while watching them. Those who are use to this culture become senseless and have no regard to the people in difficulty but they claim that they are very sensitive b/c they depicts the very minute things “which are usually neglected by the society” in their writing or acting to induce thinking on that point in the society. Infact they have no aim behind this except to attract people’s attention and accumulate money. This drama culture demolishes many traditions and values of our society.

Now I come towards the norms, values and tradition of our society. As we all have a knowledge that Pakistan has more than 90% Muslim people and also Pakistan was achieved on the name of Islam so on the basis of these strong evidence, I can argue that “Pakistani society as a Muslim society which has its foundation in Medina Munawara by the Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) at the very beginning of Hijri calendar”.

This society was very unique in many aspects b/c this was established by Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and this was cooperative society, one has every necessity of life but other deprive of that b/c of migration. In this society, Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) attaches every emigrant (Mahajer) to the local people of the Medina (Inssar) by one to one arrangements.

In an Islamic society, five things are very basic except these a man can never be a Muslim, so the Muslim society can never be established. These are the; Faith in ALLAH, Faith in Angeles, Faith in His Books, Faith in His Prophets, Faith in life after death and every good or bad thing is from the Almighty ALLAH. These are the basic things, which keep in track the man and refrains him from evils to destroy the society.

In Islamic society respect, love, affection and fear of ALLAH are the major cocepts, which play vital role in the success of the society. As there is the saying of our

Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H): (Mafhum):
“He is not amongst us who does not show respect to his elder and not love to his younger”

It is very clear from this hadith that respect and love have special place in Islamic society. When there is respect of elders and love to younger, there is no disparity in the society. We respect our elder so much, we give special place to father, mother, brothers, sisters, other relatives, teachers, friends, age fallows, women and elder people of the society. We give them due respect and fallow them in every walk of life. These respectable people also guide us; they have great love and affection with us. There is an emotional attachment b/w we, which is the major factor of building social relationship in the society.

The most important concept is the fear of ALLAH. This is the fear of ALLAH which motivates the people to do every positive thing for the well being of the creature of ALLAH and resist him from doing any thing wrong which affect the society in any way. Due to fear of ALLAH, man prey to ALLAH in such a way “O ALLAH show me the right path and stop me from doing wrong and make me a man which is liked by You, O’ ALLAH help me-help me” this shows that man in Islamic society, accepts ALLAH as his Creator, Master, Helper and Caretaker.

An other aspect of Islamic society is the justice. Social justice, political justice, self-justice, economics justice and justice in every walk of life. I think, “Without justice life is nothing at all”. When there is justice, prosperity is there, every person is happy with every other person, so society as a whole running on the sound footing of trust on each other which derive the social well-being of the miserable people and give them equal status in the society. Justice play vital role in minimizing social disparity in society.

Veil (Pardah) is also very important, which is the symbol prestige for women. Due to this female in Islamic society are very safe. Veil is very important for the whole society b/c it stops a lot of moral evils, which cause so much complication in the smooth running of the society.

Almighty ALLAH said in Quran: (Mafhoom)
“And remain in your own homes”

Also the word Aurat have meanings of “one’s who live under veil”.

There are five basic principles of Islam (Kalma, Namaz, Roza, Zakat and Hajj). These are the obligation from ALLAH on every Muslim. These help the people in realizing the existence of their creator “The Almighty ALLAH” and so many other such respectable things are also there to get calm, peace and patience by observing them.

Now the “Effect of Drama Culture in Pakistani Society”.

All the things that I had discussed above are affected by the drama culture, some are totally depleted and some are near to depletion and some others are in threat of destruction. You all are familiar with the word addiction that means “a person use to some thing” now a day people are addict to the stage dramas. They prefer to watch dramas on every other thing even Namaz. I would like to share a little example with you “my own classmates are so much use to watch dramas on computer or live. One of them saw the drama live twice during 18 days of final examination”. You can easily access the craze of people about these stage dramas. Men become helpless in front of T.V. or live stage. They behave just like passive listeners who listen and laugh widely on the words and actions of the actors. These actions of the actor have a great value in the mind of audience.

The words of Azan and Kalma have less importance for such addict people. So they unintentionally refuse the five basic principle of Islam, which are very necessary for a man to be a Muslim.

They take the man into the imaginary world of dreams where a man can do anything without any kind of restriction, and man start thinking about the impossible things which has no existence in real. Man has idea that I am the best than all other men in the world and I can do everything, nobody can stop me. His point of view changes totally and he starts saying that he has power to do every thing without the help of any third body. Such type of thinking has weakened the faith in ALLAH and all the related faiths. When faith in ALLAH has weakened than destruction of society will automatically resulted. Ultimately the fear of ALLAH has vanished and man starts using both legal and illegal means of earning. Man becomes so much selfish, His thinking just revolves around himself and he does not bother about the other society member. His aim is to capture every thing in this world and use this for only his own benefits. This reduces the cooperation among the society members and makes them so much cruel.

This selfish behavior renders him to love young one’s and shows respect to his elder.

As holy prophet (P.B.U.H.) said:
ALLAH is not merciful to whim that is not merciful to people (Bukhari, Muslim)

Our society strongly believes in relationships but this culture use these as a source of enjoyment, so the element of respect has completely vanished. The very close relatives i.e. Father, mother, brothers, sisters are the big source of enjoyment for them. They through jokes on them and insult on the stage in the front of hundred of people. They compel their sisters to dance and felt prestige happiness while watching their dance. Although all the relation is temporary in nature but they have used the word dady, mama, brother and sister while acting in the stage play. These relations are losing their sacredness and uniqueness. For these people the words, like Father, mother, brothers, and sisters have no meanings at the stage. They treat all the people same on the stage during play or drama. There is no body younger or elder in play all of equal age so they through jokes on one and other with no regard to the age of targeted person. Some other social relationship is also greatly affected by this drama culture. All close friends and relatives are then the person who are directly or indirectly involve in these activities. Father, mother, brothers, and sisters all are enjoying themselves while working in the play.

Justice has the very secret status in the Islamic society. This is also treated badly by this culture. They have to make fun of the justice. They have to do their own decision for the sake of enjoyment of the audience. The ideas they present in their plays some time induce negative thinking about the rich people of the society. The poor young people start thinking that there is definitely their right in the wealth of rich people, so there start tension b/w haves and have notes which is the major cause of social disparity. On the other hand they represent the rich people in a way, which made the rich people more proud who has the thinking that poor people are only for their service. They show them so much cruel and selfish in character, so other element of society start hating rich people. In this way the social justice is disturbed by drama culture.

The veil (Pardah) is vanished near to its completion. The women (mostly the young ladies) come out of their homes with great degree of fashion. They feel great pleasure while wearing short and tight cloths. The female come on the stage, they sing and dance simultaneously in front of thousands of people. The female who have to wear the veil, use the very attractive colors so to induce evils in the society. Now days, female are just like a showpiece that is handled by different element of the society. As every person use decoration piece according to his choice similarly each element of society uses the female.

This drama culture is also a financial burden on the society. A lot of money wasted on this that has no reward to society. Money earned by this mean is not fruitful for the society b/c this is not a legal mean of earning. The addict people do everything even theft for watching dramas. The average rate of ticket of the live stage drama is Rs.150 and people in each theater are on an average 250, which is equal to the Rs.37500. this huge amount is wasted daily by the citizen on this fruitless activity. This is a rough estimate of one theater. There is much more such theater in the country where people spent both money and time. Time is also very important which wasted carelessly in such activities. The usual duration of the drama is 3hours, so in one theater 750 hours are wasted. By this you can easily access the loss to the society by this drama culture.

All the effect that I mention above has very strong impact on the mind of the children and the teenager. Although the process of changing believes is very slow but it have everlasting impact. Until we don’t take collectively action to stop this vulgar culture, it can never be stopped. So we should collectively work to stop this to save our nation from destruction.

I acknowledge that enjoyment is the part of the life and life becomes so colorless without this, but there are several means of enjoyment. Enjoyment should be productive, free from prejudices, lies and all kind of cheatings. Now we should be care about the norms and values of the society and we should work together for the sake of these.

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