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Essay on Education in Pakistan

Basically, here is the Essay on education in Pakistan for students. So, the education is delivery of knowledge, skill, and information from teachers to students. The proper definition is basically the process of becoming an educated person, but that begs the question of what counts as an educated person. Education is very necessary for every human being. Education does not mean getting specific skills and get employment. But we say that anybody got an education if he has developed from every angle. It means if you have gotten an education, you have developed every field.

Being an educated person means you have access to optimal states of mind regardless of the situation you are in. You are able to perceive accurately, think clearly, and act effectively to achieve self-selected goals and aspirations.

Education can not only get in childhood. But it is a regular and continuous process. A human being gets an education from his own experience if there is no teacher for providing him formal education.


Essay on education in Pakistan

When another person told the experience, at that time, a human being gets an education. Education comprises good thoughts in human beings. It is the education which carries human being in the way of success. With education, human being learns to use the brain for taking any decision. An educational person contributes to the development of society. With education, human being raises weak and uneducated persons.

Purpose of Education:

Following are the purposes of education

  1. Intellectual development of the cultivation of mental facilities is the important purpose of education because the mind is the basis of reality in a Human Body. This facility stress logical thinking, rational attitude, and analytical activities according to this theory balance personality can be developed through balance intellectual development.
  2. Self-realization, self-knowing, self-understanding, and self explorations are other core purposes of this theory in order to maximize positive respects and minimize negative aspects of their personality, society, and nation.
  3. The development of both mental and physical health is the essential purpose of education.
  4. Worship is an important value, which brings man close to God.
  5. Character is a value of both individuals, collective importance, which is necessary for a just peaceful society.
  6. Beauty, enjoyment, appreciation, promotion, creation of beauty in nature and art is necessary for a successful life.
  7. Knowledge and skill are important for maintaining life, economic prosperity, social uplift, and political stability.
  8. Value inculcation is another main purpose according to this physical, intellectual moral, spiritual, economic, social, and political value can be developed through education.

The Education System of Pakistan is divided into five levels:

1.Primary level (Class 1 to 5)
2.Middle level (Class 5 to 8th)
3.Secondary level (S.S.C)
4.Intermediate level (H.S.C)
5.University level (Graduation, Masters, and Research)

Before the 18th Amendment, the Education System in Pakistan was the responsibility of the Federal Government. The Ministry of Education at the Federal level was responsible for formulating Policies, Planning, and Promotion of Educational facilities across the country. But, after the passing of the 18th Amendment, the responsibilities of the Education System are divided among the Federation and the Provinces.

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