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Drug Inspector Salary in Pakistan

There are lots of job opportunities in Pakistan to start a job career with government jobs as well as private jobs. However, some candidates have an interest to get jobs in Police departments and some in medical fields. However, it is the nature of the human that what thing that human has an interest in it. So, some candidates love to get the position of Drug Inspector in Pakistan. In this way, they want to know about this post in detail like about salary and education requirements, etc. So, here we will provide the Drug Inspector Salary in Pakistan Scope and Qualification Requirements in this post.

According to the advertisement of the PPSC, there was the post of Drug Inspector for the candidates having three seats. First of all, the PPSC is the government organization that provides the services for the Punjab public as a commission. In this way, the PPSC provides the facility for the different organizations to grab the candidates according to the need of their job titles. In this way, advertisement number 35 was having the post of Drug Inspector for the Livestock department. This advertisement was just before the beginning of 2021 for the selection of candidates in the department.

Drug Inspector Salary in Pakistan Per Month

Rs 1,841,074

Here the information about the Drug Inspector is delivering on the basis of PPSCE advertisement for the candidates. So, you can also counter verify the information from the organization of the Punjab public services commission. However, it is useful to imagine the approximate salary for the Drug inspector and another information.Drug Inspector Salary in Pakistan

Drug Inspector Salary Per Month

According to the government organization of PPSC, the salary for the post of drug inspector is depending on the BS 17 scale in the department. In this way, the candidates can calculate the basic salary of the drug inspector with respect to the 17 scale salary chart. According to the new chart of the salary scale, the approximate salary for BPS is 60K for the fresher candidates.

Education requirement:

According to the department of livestock and dairy development, the requirement of the education is a Doctor of Pharmacy from a recognized university. However, other departments can change the requirements. Anyhow, the equivalent education must be 16 years or more than a 16-year qualification for this post.

Lastly, if we talk about the scope of this post then under this designation of the government department inspector can rate on any firm. However, if you have more queries regarding the drug inspector designation you can ask us.

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