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Democracy in Pakistan Problems of Mature Growing Democracy

Here all viewers now get the details about Democracy in Pakistan Problems of Mature Growing Democracy. Pakistan’s democracy is widely described as the perennial dysfunctional country where the failure of elected governments is inevitably overthrown by a powerful army. Problems of democracy in Pakistan violence of recent years has strengthened the perception of a failed state, obscuring a more encouraging trend: the maturing of Pakistani democracy, demonstrated in the approval of Parliament, far-reaching constitutional reforms. How dare Mullen and Co. threaten us.

That must be the answer to the accusations of the U.S. against Pakistan and its armed forces. Pakistan A Demoralized State That probably would be the response of any sovereign country with dignity. In my country, we decided to have a conference of all parties. Most of the same players who were part of the parliamentary resolution after the debacle of Osama and others who have gravitated back to the U.S. dictates again have a pro photoshoot room and expect to reach a decision that is in the “larger national interest.” Passing resolutions that sound good is not the issue – compliance with them is.

Democracy in Pakistan Problems of Mature Growing Democracy

The efficiency with people passing the above resolution is applied before the reader, to judge by the exit of General Musharraf themselves. With, we had reached the summit. Pakistan’s maturing democracy Oh! The rise of a hill, simply reveals the enormous challenge ahead. Before leaving the stage in disgrace, Musharraf handed the car keys under an agreement, which had been robbed and plundered this poor country. Not surprisingly, their policies do not change. Outside air, so little has changed in foreign policy, the war in Waziristan, and the relationship with the United States. He took the elected prime minister of Pakistan in an awfully long time to reverse the order of the dictator and restore Iftikhar Choudhary and other deposed judges.

He did so, in the early hours of the morning when the lakes of the people threatened to march on Islamabad. Pakistan is now a nation demoralized. The widespread perception among the people here and abroad that Pakistan is a client state and its ruling elite are the elite of U.S. clients has demoralized the people. People believe that the U.S. Pakistan runs the state.

Democracy in Pakistan Problems

They can not take any pride in their country, in fact, they feel ashamed. Recent events through-a-through friction between the two countries on the issue of the Haqqani network has further exasperated the people. To rub salt into the wounds, amid the war of words between the two nations – a U.S. attack kills two drones in South Waziristan two days ago. The situation in Pakistan is right now is because of government policies – policies that are gone, but effectively removed the status of Pakistan as a sovereign and independent country.

Today, when Pakistan can not say “how dare Mullen says what it does” is the result of decades of flawed foreign policy. Can not be remedied in a day of a conference to all parties. Nor can it be solved in a system in which awam does not have a say in such wonder decisions.No important, people have lost faith in the democratic process, elections are rigged, votes are bought, is known to corrupt, tax evaders and smugglers are imposed on an electorate poor, illiterate, unable to make informed political decisions, then sworn in as ministers. Vomiting Elections, not the best, not stronger, not the most worthy, but the dregs of the community only because they are the richest or the people’s favorite in this ordinance power. According to all cases of politicians such as corruption, murder, extortion, kidnapping, and other heinous crimes would be removed.

Some of the main beneficiaries are in power and Benazir’s widower Zardari, Pakistan’s current president, and some of his ministers more sinister. Pakistan growing democracy The main beneficiary Muteheda Qaumi Movement, MQM, whose leader, a fugitive living in London for several years, and its main protagonists were other crimes of murder and other crimes.

Pakistan Problems of Mature Growing Democracy

The MQM is a mafia-type organization, without fascist tendencies and its main ideological baggage is based on ethnic conflicts. To appreciate the full bouquet of challenges that “democracy” in Pakistan faces, look no further, Islamabad. Today is an Islamabad Pakistan, which has lost its independence, a country that has not left the feudal – bureaucratic state of the colonial era, still awaits a real revolution blood emancipation. Today Pakistanis would benefit from looking into a mirror and observe the impact of not recognizing what we have become. Pakistan is the country that was eleven years ago.

At that time, the country was established, stable, democratic, and free. Since shortly after the partition, most of our leaders have fallen hook, line, and sinker to U.S. interests. Successive leaders have acted as U.S. puppets and relied on U.S. support to stay in power. Those who looked into adopting a different position were eliminated. Pakistan’s ruling classes have adopted policies under U.S. pressure – Policies that have been beneficial for the U.S. and interests, but disastrous for Pakistan and its people. These policies were subject to the U.S. agenda through which the ruling elites secured their oppressive government and centralized it. Governments that pursue policies that have the support of people do not need the crutches of foreign support.

Pakistan should never have allowed any violations of its airspace by U.S. warplanes and airairstrikes Pakistani territory and also refused to station U.S. troops and military equipment on Pakistani soil, which (at least until recently) has been the case. The basic problem is that like the current government, Pakistan’s foreign policy, does not derive its strength from the support of the people of Pakistan, but through an Interest. However created a few, the reforms go beyond the question of elections, the restoration of the main features of the original 1973 Constitution, adopted after the secession of East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

Disadvantages of democracy in Pakistan

Democracy in Pakistan The Constitution provided for a parliamentary system of government and meaningful competition for the four provinces, but soon the power passed to the president, a trend that became even more pronounced during periods of military rule of Muhammad Zia-Ul-Haq and Pervez Musharraf.

In Federal and Sovereign (1985), Eqbal Ahmad established the basic principles governing the policy among the nations:

“First Nations, sovereigns have no permanent friends or permanent enemies. They only have permanent interests, namely the safeguarding of national sovereignty, territorial integrity, economic prosperity, and welfare of the people.

Effects of failure of democracy in Pakistan

” Second, “… .. more important than the “military balance” how a country’s international prestige, the reliability of its allies, the certainty of their supplies, morale, and professionalism of its defense forces, commitment and the mobilization of the population, and the strength of its economy.

” Third, “…… A Government for which the trust and support of its population are obvious that it can earn the respect and legitimacy at the international level, nor can mobilize the moral, and dedication of its fighters and citizens. “

“The dependence of Fourth, the self and civil government are two basic requirements for effective national defense … …” There is a good argument to support the idea that we have failed in all the ingredients of a sovereign state. Pakistan democracy difference In recent times only – whether Mr. Musharraf called revolving door policy for Americans or the NRO or the activities of Blackwater and the CIA or the debacle of Osama or protested the UN drone attacks the U.S. – Pakistan has failed on all aspects of keeping their sovereignty dignity. The people of Pakistan have suffered great losses, material, and human, as a result of behaving like a U.S. client state. We must reduce our dependence on the U.S. for the supply of arms, military aid, and other essential items. We must get rid of the formula for state historic clients to regain our lost dignity.

why democracy failed in pakistan essay

Pakistan should look towards improving ties with countries like China, India, Afghanistan, and Iran. These countries occupy key locations because of their territorial contiguity with Pakistan. Saudi Arabia and other Arab states are also important for Pakistan’s interests. The real basis for the emergence of a sovereign Pakistan lies in healthy relations with these countries. Possible coordination is in the best interest of these countries individually and collectively, placed in a better position to deal with the imperialist powers.

“It’s crazy in a country,” George Washington observed, “to look for disinterested favors from another … you have to pay a portion of their independence so that you can never accept under that character.” No truer words have been spoken on the subject. Pakistan is paying and will pay a heavy price for the folly of adhering to the United States.

Democracy in Pakistan Problems of Mature Growing Democracy

Pakistan’s growing democracy In this country, democracy is only permissible when the results are favorable can America. In Pakistan, the recent constitutional reforms reduce the discretion of the president to appoint the electoral commission, giving the opposition a voice in this process. After years of military dictatorship, followed by sham democracy, the situation in Pakistan has reached the point that the masses are yearning for radical change. Their suffering is immense and the people at the top face still enrich the workers and peasants, in collaboration with imperialism as tires rough rides on the Pakistani people. Everything is moving to a revolutionary explosion inevitable.

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