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Current Issues of Pakistan and Their Solution

At the time of independence, there are numerous issues that were to solved by the great effort of the leader/founder of Pakistan. Now we will be discussed some Current Issues of Pakistan and Their Solution. From the initial stage Pakistan is facing many of the problems while the best struggled of leader Mr.Quaid-e-Azam for the separation of Pakistan. Now if we see the present situation of Pakistan regarding these current major issues. So due to these programs Pakistan has been declared the worst country in the world.

Many of the departments are showing their worst position regarding current issues and mostly these all departments have been caught up with some worst issues which are causing Pakistan. Now a time the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is facing hundreds of problems so here below we will be discussed some critical worst issues of Pakistan and also their solutions.


Poverty is one of the worst problems of Pakistan which that many of the population of the country are involved that problem while if 40% of people are started their earning so then that worst poverty line will be improved and necessities things of life will be given such as clothing, food, education, and medication.

Current Issues of Pakistan and Their Solution


Illiteracy is also one of the worst issues of Pakistan. Where a 50% literacy rate counts by officially which means that half of the family background is moving backward.

Essay on Current Issues of Pakistan

Energy Crisis:

Electricity is also one of the major problems of Pakistan Now that time all Pakistani nations are faced the worst situation energy crisis. We should be producing more electricity and finished that shortage of load shedding through some rising demand for power.


In mostly all departments of the private and government sector, Pakistan is also suffering from a fatal problem of Corruption and Political instability. We must be finished that worst issue from Pakistan when we will be changed completely all staff of every department.


Terrorism is also one of the major and highly destructive issues of Pakistan which is the main cause of fear. Most people are mentally damaged after listen to some terrorist ocean. Terrorist attacks staged in Pakistan have killed over 35,000 people, 5,000 of which are law enforcement personnel, and caused material damage to the Pakistani economy of $67 billion.

Health Issues:

A great strength of the Pakistani nation is also facing another worst of Health problem which that day by day all diseases like that heart, diabetes, obesity, diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria, skin and others noncommunicable diseases are increased in Pakistan. You must be attached with us for more details about other interesting topics regarding education, entertainment, news, and sports.

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