CSS Past Paper History of USA 2023

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CSS Past Paper History


Q2. Some American historians insist that the American Revolution was a social upheaval as well as a political revolt. Discuss the social and economic results of the revolutionary years.

Q3. In which ways did the philosophy and purposes of Jacksonian democracy differ from those of the Jeffersonian democrats?

Q4. Give an estimate of the tenure of Harry S Truman with particular reference to the cold war.

Q5. Discuss the evolution of the Muslim community in the US.

Q6. Discuss the US financial crisis and Obama’s policy to put the house in order.

Q7. Discuss American foreign policy towards Afghanistan since 9/11 and her exit strategy.

Q8 Write short notes on any two
i) The Atlantic charter
ii) The Monroe doctrine
iii) War of 1812
iv) Malcolm-X

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