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Corona Relief Tiger Force Salary Uniform

As you all know that the whole world is facing at terrible disease that is name as coronavirus. We will here tell you that what is corona relief Tiger force salary uniform terms and conditions. Our Prime Minister Imran Khan declared to make a Tiger force that will be consisted of the youth generation. That youth generation helps others to get relief from this covid-19 disease. The number of patients increases day by day. For decreasing the mortality rate pm decided to lock down the country. After all the precautions still the Corona patients rate increases day by day. Mostly e those people attacked by this disease who don’t have strong immune system.

So mostly the patients are of 60 years old or the kids. The main motive to select the youth generation for this force is because young generation have strong immune system to handle this disease. Main questions that arises in our mind is that what is the salary package of that Tiger force and what the uniform is. Sofa that information you guys have to scroll down and can get the information.

Corona Relief Tiger Force Salary Uniform

In a meeting held by Prime Minister Imran Khan he told us how we could fight against this evil disease. As we cannot do a full lock down because in Pakistan we have approximately 200 million people below the poverty line. While thinking for those people Prime Minister Take decision to make this Tiger force that will fight against the poverty and the dangerous disease coronavirus. There is also a question arises that what work will be done by those force. So the volunteers distribute Ration bags to the quarantine centres and hospitals. Not only e in the hospitals they will also provide necessary things to the poor people in their houses.

Corona Relief Tiger Force Salary

Salary package and uniform of tiger force:

As the decision is new show the working teams are properly working on this decision. Still the salary package and the uniform of the volunteers are not decided. Even during in lock down the Government got approximately 90000 volunteers into days. The salary and the uniform of this force we’ll decide in a few days and will update it on the website soon. As the Prime Minister decided to separate a small quantity of salary from the country’s budget. According to the budget and according to the number of volunteers the salary will decided soon.

Terms and conditions of tiger relief force:

The Tiger force will get proper training session to fight against in the battle of Corona virus. So as per schedule the terms and conditions will also be updated on this website. Stay tuned with us for more update and more information about the country and its conditions.

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