Computerized Number Plates Registration Form Online For Car Bike Rickshaw – SMS on 9989

Computerized number plates registration form For Car Bike Rickshaw etc start now from 2020. In all Punjab computerized number plates by the name of Owner at Car, Motor bike (motorcycle), Rickshaw and any other commercial vehicle as Truck, Bus, Couch etc latest start and registration online forms available here with apply complete information. Every one can check easily his application status with this method by sending registration number to #9989. This specially service lunched by government of Punjab for help all vehicle Owners. After complete process your computerized number plates will send your given address by TCS. so every one easily get his Punjab computerized number plates.

The resumption of computerized number plates’ issuance is set to be started further as the Excise and Taxation Department is considering proposals to change the design of plates and the fee charged for them. Four meetings, presided over by the excise and taxation minister, have been held so far to decide the fees and the new design.

Earlier this year, the department had signed a contract with a private company, Inbox, for supplying the plates for three years. The company has established a facility to prepare some 500,000 number plates per month.

Computerized-Number-Plates-Delivery-through-TCS-in-Punjab Computerised Number Plates Registration Form

Computerized Number Plates Registration For Car Bike

He said that the department on September 20 proposed Rs1200 for cars, Rs1200 for commercial vehicles and Rs400 for bikes and Rs550 for rickshaws. Punjab began issuing official number plates for all cars registered in Punjab. Number plates are of green and white color. The green part is the same all over Punjab and has a sign and ‘Punjab’ written on it, while the white part has the number of the vehicle.

Punjab Excise and Taxation Department has started new SMS Service. This 9989 SMS service will provide information to all owners of motor vehicles who has paid charges and still not received computerized number plates. Number plates will be delivered through TCS Courier Service at their home addresses.

Anybody can send the registration number of a vehicle at 9966 via sms or enter it in the search box at website to retrieve comprehensive data about a particular vehicle, says Aslam. So, anybody who find a suspected vehicle can retrieve this information.

While the website data is not fully up-to-date, sources say the SMS service provides updated information. Details include registration number, chasis number, engine number, model and make, colour, registration date, price at the time of registration, details of token tax paid to date and names of the existing and previous owners, if any.

Sample SMS


To #9966

Just imagine how easy it is for an official to check these details when the person driving a car has no document to produce, says Aslam.

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