Complete list of Pakistan Newspapers English and Urdu

Newspapers are the type of publication in which latest national or international news are printed. News provided by them is up-to-date. News regarding different genre are published in them. Different languages are used by news publishers to convey their message. Newspapers are the very important part of the print media. From kids to adults everyone have something for them in the newspapers.

In Pakistan different language newspapers are published especially the main emphasis is on English and Urdu. The reason is that English is given a status of official language whereas Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. Now-a-days newspapers are also provided online for readers if they are not willing to get their printed form. And many of these newspapers are also shipped to different other countries.

Complete list of Pakistan Newspapers English and Urdu

List of Top Pakistan Newspapers English and Urdu

English Newspapers in Pakistan:

Newspapers published in English are mentioned below along with their official websites.

Business Recorder
The News International
The Nation
Daily Nine O’ Clock
Pakistan News
News Time Pakistan
Daily Times
The Financial Daily
The Friday Times
The Frontier Post
National Herald Tribune
The Pak Banker
Pakistan Observer
The Post’
The Regional Times of Sindh
The Statesman
Pakistan Today
The Lahore Times

Urdu Newspapers in Pakistan:

As Urdu is Pakistan’s national and most spoken language this is why the most of the newspapers are published in Urdu and they are popular more than other languages papers published. Some of them are given below along with their official websites.

Daily Jang
Daily Express
Urdu News
Daily Pakistan
Daily Nai Baat
Daily Khabrain
Metro News Line
Naba Karachi
Shane Gujrat
Aaj Kal
Al Akhbar
Ausaaf Daily Ausaf
Azkaar Daily Azkaar
Daily Halaat
Daily Safshikan
Daily Jasarat
Daily Dunya
Daily Mahasib

Above mentioned are some of the newspapers that are published in Pakistan. These newspapers are not only limited to one city, many of them are also read in multiple cities and some are so widespread that they are read in different countries. Some of the above newspapers are published on weekly basis. Newspapers are the best source of day to day information and keeping ourselves in touch with our surroundings.

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