Check Your Vote Online by Election Commission of Pakistan 2023

Election Commission of Pakistan is held after every 5 years Elections in Pakistan and here you can check your Vote Online. Last year general elections were done in the year 2023 and the assemblies completed their duration. This year Election commission of Pakistan will make it possible to held General elections on 11 May 2013. The election commission of Pakistan makes all the necessary arrangements for the conduct of general elections in Pakistan. This year you have to think very carefully and cast your vote for an eligible person.

Check Your Vote Online by Election Commission of Pakistan 2023

Every eligible person should cast vote in Pakistan. To cast your vote, you must know the eligibility of a voter. A person not less than 18 years of age and sound mind and a registered voter can cast his vote in Pakistan. Overseas Pakistanis can also cast their vote through an electronic system. This year Pakistani people have high hopes from their representatives that they will make Pakistan prosperous and economically strong.

Everyone is hopeful that the newly elected government will take into considerations many serious issues of Pakistan including terrorism, target killings, unemployment, corruption, power failure, poverty, and many others therefore you have to cast your vote to the right person if you want to eradicate all these problems from Pakistan.

For many of us, it is necessary to check our votes online. For this purpose, the Election Commission of Pakistan launched a service to check your vote via SMS (Short Messaging Service). Its Procedure is very simple and short, you have to just follow below steps:

Open your write text message option on your mobile and write your CNIC (National Identity Card number) and send it to 8300.

You will get all the information related to your vote including CNIC number, electoral area, block code, Tehsil/ District, and Serial Number.

2 rupees will be charged against one SMS to 8300. If your vote is not registered, then it will show an error message.

Here you can get you Vote online by District/ Area and Region-wise, So if you want to know more or want any information about the Elections you should keep stay with us here on this page and can get further details about it so you should visit our below links it all about you!

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